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LaTeXdraw --file

The LaTeXdraw --file is an ASCII-file. It is one of the two output files of LaTeXdraw . It can easily be read or modified by an user. Each line represents an object. The first number gives the type of the drawing object, e.g. circle. Then coordinates and other attributes follow. Each line for an object has the same number of values, even if not all are needed. If the object is of type text, then the following line contains the text string. After the input lines which define objects a line with zeroes is included.

The header of the LaTeXdraw --output file gives internal parameters. The trailer of the LaTeXdraw --output file gives the group hierarchy.

A LaTeXdraw --file can be input file to LaTeXdraw .

Hans-J. Siegert
Sat Jul 5 19:31:53 MEST 1997