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The LaTeX-file is the second output file of LaTeXdraw . It is the LaTeX source file representing the drawing. It is used with latexdraw.sty and pstricks.tex. To convert the DVI-file to Postscript dvips is used.

The LaTeX-file is also an ASCII-file and can be modified by the user if necessary. There are two output modes available (defined when you save a picture):

  1. The LaTeX-file is a complete LaTeX-document which can be translated by latex without further changes or additions. Then it can be translated to a postscript-file with dvips.
  2. The LaTeX-file contains only the picture itsself without headers and trailers. It starts with \beginpicture and ends with \endpicture. This type of file is used for including in an other document by \include.... In this case macros defined outside the picture can be used in text strings in the picture.

Hans-J. Siegert
Sat Jul 5 19:31:53 MEST 1997