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Drawing objects

The drawing objects are specified after the header. For each drawing object one line is used. Each line consists of 17 integer or floating point values. After the last drawing object there is a line with 17 zeroes. The numbers are separated with a blank. Some of the numbers are redundant, e.g. the point (xb1, yb1) for arcs. All redundant parameters are not used when inputting the file. These values are calculated again within LaTeXdraw . Redundant parameters are not mentioned in the description of the objects. Some parameters may not be defined for an object. Those parameters are also not mentioned there.

The sequence of the objects defines implicitly a sequence number, starting with 1. The sequence defines the sequence in which the objects are painted.

The x-coordinate points to the right, the y-coordinate upwards. Angles are in the mathematical sense (counterclockwise). All angles are given in multiples of 0.1 degree.

The parameters of an object are (according to the their sequence in the line):
typ, x1, y1, x2, y2, xb1, yb1, xb2, yb2, wanf, wend, liniendicke, linienende, linientyp, lx, ly, rotwi

Hans-J. Siegert
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