2004-12-31 Karl Berry * Version 4.8. 2004-12-21 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.7.94. * makeinfo/xref.c: doc fix. 2004-12-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/html.c (cm_node) : need old-style names in the normal (not no_headers) html case, too, of course. (add_html_names): canon_white the new name, too. 2004-12-19 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.7.93. * automake 1.9.4. * makeinfo/xml.c (try_docbook_image): new fn. (xml_insert_docbook_image): call it, trying additional formats pdf, svg, etc. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): check for gif too. http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/gif.html says: "we can and will include support for displaying GIF files in GNU software." Leaving it undocumented, though. Based on patch from Jens Elkner, 18 Dec 2004 01:56:28 +0100. 2004-12-19 Torsten Bronger * util/texinfo.dtd: define most entities, add . 2004-12-17 Juan M. Guerrero * djgpp/config.bat: remove files like coXXXXXX.tmp created in the top_srcdir by the gl_FUNC_MKSTEMP test. 2004-12-15 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.7.92. * util/texinfo.dtd: merge with makeinfo/texinfo.dtd. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd, makeinfo/texinfo.xsl: remove. 2004-12-15 Stepan Kasal * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): Removed po/Makevars.template, sorry. 2004-12-15 Juan M. Guerrero * djgpp/config.sed: adjust for new autoconf. * makeinfo/node.c (enumerate_filename): make dos_file_names const instead of static, since it may involve a fn call to pathconf. 2004-12-15 Karl Berry * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): include ChangeLog.46, README.dev, and po/Makevars.template. From Stepan. 2004-12-14 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (inforef): try to explain possible uses more thoroughly. From: Luc Teirlinck, 13 Dec 2004 21:45:58 -0600. * doc/texinfo.txi (pxref): more explanation. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Basic Windows): put pxref in parens. help-texinfo mail from adl, 13 Dec 2004 17:07:50 +0100. 2004-12-13 Andreas Schwab * info/echo-area.c (DECLARE_INFO_COMMAND): Add intermediate cast to avoid warning. * info/infokey.c (compile): Likewise. * info/session.c (forward_move_node_structure): Likewise. (DECLARE_INFO_COMMAND): Likewise. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (init_paragraph): Don't use free_and_clear to avoid strict aliasing issue. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): Avoid strict aliasing issue. 2004-12-13 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Cross-reference Command Expansion): add @euro{} -> U+20AC. texinfo-pretest mail from Patrice, 12 Dec 2004 23:49:50 +0100. 2004-12-12 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (makeinfo options): don't be so suggestive about skipping xref validation. emacs-devel mail from: Luc Teirlinck, 12 Dec 2004 13:02:11 -0600. 2004-12-08 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.7.91. * info/echo-area.c, info/infokey.c, info/session.c: omit useless casts to intptr_t, since we're just casting to (void *) next. intptr_t is not defined with gcc 3.04 on Tru64 Unix V5.1 (This whole vararg stuff needs to be redone correctly.) Report from: Svend Tollak Munkejord (via te) 8 Dec 2004 17:15:17 +0100. * doc/texinfo.txi (ref): rewrite last two redundant paragraphs. 2004-12-07 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Macro Details): document @c kludge in macro definitions to work around some newline problems. (From Werner.) 2004-12-05 Karl Berry * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name): prefix g_t if the nodename begins with a nonletter. Ugh. * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Xref Node Name Expansion): document this. http://ff0.org/pipermail/texinfo-pretest/2004-December/000210.html * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Xref 8-bit Character Expansion): define behavior for Unicode code points above 0xfff. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): didn't make it into HTML 4, remove it. Sigh. texinfo-pretest mail from wl, 05 Dec 2004 23:39:05 +0100. 2004-12-02 Karl Berry * configure.ac (install-warnings): simplify default case. From te. 2004-12-01 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.7.90. * util/texi2dvi (recode): new option, off by default. Unconditionally calling recode seems problematic, when there hasn't been a release for years and its Texinfo support is less than perfect. 2004-11-30 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Quotations and Examples): @quotation does not reduce interparagraph spacing. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node) : do not bother calling add_html_nodes in the split case, the filename is wrong. 2004-11-29 Karl Berry Support for writing using the old-style node name to HTML name conversion, to keep the gcc folks happy. * makeinfo/node.c (add_html_names): new routine, factoring out common code (plus new code) from cm_node. (cm_node) : call it. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (OLD_HTML_SAFE, OLD_URL_SAFE_CHAR): (re)define these. * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name): take new argument to optionally output the old-style conversion. (add_anchor_name): change call. * index.c: change calls. * makeinfo/html.h (add_escaped_anchor_name): change decl. 2004-11-26 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): allow after — 2004-11-25 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Fonts): document new command @sansserif. * doc/texinfo.tex (\sansserif): new command. * makeinfo/cmds.h (cm_sansserif): new cmd. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sansserif): new cmd. (command_table): add it. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd (Inline.fonts): add it; also slanted. * makeinfo/xml.h (SANSSERIF, SLANTED): define these new elements. * makeinfo/xml.c (texinfoml_element_list): add them. From: Frank Küster, 21 Oct 2004 23:27:33 +0200, Debian bug#277754. * doc/texinfo.txi (Quotations and Examples, end titlepage): state that there must be only one space between the @end and its argument. Report from: christoph.sobotka, 26 Oct 2004 22:04:03 +0200. 2004-11-22 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (euro): new node, documenting new command, @euro{}, for the Euro currency symbol. * doc/texinfo.tex (\euro): new command, along with \eurofont to support it. The following extra font support is also related to supporting @euro{}: (\bfstylename): define this. (\textnominalsize .. \ssecnominalsize): new macros. (\textfonts .. \ssecfonts): define \curfontsize. * makeinfo/cmds.c (command_table): add euro. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_special_char): handle euro. (iso8859_15_map): new global. 2004-11-18 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\ptexnewwrite): Save \newwrite. (\newwrite): Call it. 2004-11-17 Karl Berry * configure.ac (install-warnings): new --enable option, requested by te. 2004-11-11 Karl Berry * texinfo.dtd (metainformation): add documentdescription. (documentdescription): define. * xml.h (DOCUMENTDESCRIPTION): new value for xml_element. * xml.c (texinfoml_element_list): define documentdescription. (docbook_element_list): likewise, but don't know how to handle it. * cmds.c (cm_documentdescription): insert opening xml tag. * insertion.c (end_insertion): insert closing xml tag. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert_string): declare const char * arg. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: likewise. Report from: Vincent Lefevre, 20 Oct 2004 15:40:39 +0200, noting a spurious after . 2004-11-08 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfmakeoutlines): in the first run through the toc, define \thischapnum...\thissubsecnum as 0, rather than \empty. This is so \expnumber doesn't end up trying to expand \csname sec\empty\endcsname, i.e., \sec, which is the secant function. Report from: Oliver Beck, help-texinfo, 8 Nov 2004 08:05:55 +0100. 2004-11-07 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main) [LC_MESSAGES]: #ifdef the setlocale using LC_MESSAGES. From te, 6 Nov 2004 23:36:10 +0100. 2004-11-06 Karl Berry * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): add strdup.h. Report from: Thomas Esser , 6 Nov 2004 18:11:51 +0100. 2004-11-01 Karl Berry * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): don't include the external file name in the HTML output, since it's pretty traditional not to distinguish internal and external links in HTML, and it disturbs the flow of reading. From: Han-Wen Nienhuys , 31 Oct 2004 00:13:36 +0200. (For lilypond.) 2004-10-31 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\setmultitablespacing): just let \multistrut be the same as \strut. Its previous computation was wrong. See bug-texinfo report from Werner Lemberg, 31 Oct 2004 12:52:20 +0100. 2004-10-22 Stepan Kasal * info/Makefile.am (generated_sources): Add dependencies defining a total order on the files, to prevent race conditions with parallel make. Move the code about generated sources to the end of the file. 2004-10-20 Stepan Kasal * info/Makefile.am (doc.c, key.c, funs.h): Don't distribute them. of these three files. (ginfo_SOURCES, nodist_ginfo_SOURCES): Move files. (infokey_SOURCES, nodist_infokey_SOURCES): Likewise. (DISTCLEANFILES): Include generated_sources. 2004-10-20 Stepan Kasal BUILT_SOURCES is a special variable for a hack to supplement the automatic dependency tracking; we need it for funs.h only. See the explanation in the automake manual. * info/Makefile.am (BUILT_SOURCES): All occurences replaced by ... (generated_sources): ... this new variable. (BUILT_SOURCES): set to ``funs.h''. 2004-10-20 Stepan Kasal * info/Makefile.am (ginfo_SOURCES): replace $(BUILT_SOURCES) with ``doc.c funs.h''; this reflects the true situation. (infokey_SOURCES): Add funs.h. 2004-10-20 Stepan Kasal * info/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): No need to mention the generated sources here, they are in ginfo_SOURCES or infokey_SOURCES. 2004-10-19 Stepan Kasal * configure.ac: When cross compiling, we have to remove ./config.status, not "$native_tools"/config.status. Replace ``echo'' with AC_MSG_NOTICE. Quote the variable values passed to ``env.'' 2004-10-17 Karl Berry * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): don't output
after the navigation line, it's apparently just extra space. * configure.ac: Clean environment for native configure. From: Mark Fortescue , 17 Oct 2004 19:09:53 +0100. 2004-10-11 Stepan Kasal * configure.ac: Add a short explanation about cross compile. 2004-10-08 Karl Berry * info/Makefile.am (generated_sources): remove. Found by Stepan. 2004-10-08 Stepan Kasal Support cross compiling. Based on research by Mark Fortescue. Maciej W. Rozycki pointed out this issue previously. * configure.ac: If cross compiling, run second configure script in a subdirectory ${native_tools}. New automake conditional TOOLS_ONLY is set inside that subdirectory. * Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add $(native_tools); restrict the SUBDIRS to minimum, if we are inside the $(native_toos) dir. (distclean-local): Remove directory $(native_tools). * doc/Makefile.am: If necessary, use makeinfo and install-info from $(native_tools). * info/Makefile.am: Similarily with the ``makedoc'' program. 2004-10-07 Stepan Kasal @table command doesn't work inside environment @display. There is no point in trying to fix it: just give up with a cry. * doc/texinfo.tex (\table, \ftable, \vtable): Instead of calling \tablex directly, call ... (\tablecheck): ... this new macro which checks for active newline; if it's found, it reports an error and uses \doignore to recover. * doc/texinfo.txi (display): mention this. 2004-10-06 Karl Berry * doc/*.texi: more consistent use of dashes. From Stepan and Benno Schulenberg . 2004-10-04 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value): increment and restore input_text_offset before execute_string on the value, so cm_xref doesn't complain about missing punctuation. From: Sergey Poznyakoff , 04 Oct 2004 15:04:33 +0300. 2004-10-01 Karl Berry * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): add getopt_.h. * configure.ac: bump version to 4.7.90, although we're not really pretesting yet. (I need a distribution to check an automake issue.) 2004-09-14 Karl Berry * util/srclist.txt (getopt.h): renamed to getopt_.h. * lib/getopt_.h: new file. * lib/getopt.h: just include getopt.h. 2004-09-09 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Image Syntax): mention @noindent, @center. 2004-09-06 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\Efloat): Take care to run \scantokens on \thisshortcaption before writing the lof line to auxfile. Otherwise, when a newline appears in the argument to @shortcaption, a literal ^^M is written to the aux file. Report from Patrice, 1 Aug 2004 15:54:44 +0200. 2004-09-01 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh: show commands, allow / in description. 2004-08-30 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (maybe_escaped_expansion): new routine, like expansion but does HTML escapes. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h (maybe_escaped_expansion): declare. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): call it. This is @cindex Kahrs, J@"urgen does not get gawk.texi:23425: Unknown command `"urgen'. (in gawk 3.1.4). Report from: Stepan Kasal , 24 Aug 2004 12:36:34 +0200. 2004-08-29 Karl Berry * makeinfo/node.c (split_file): do not search for output file along the path when calling find_and_load (can cause seg fault when cross-compiling). From: Martin Husemann , 29 Aug 2004 08:40:33 +0200. http://www.netbsd.org/cgi-bin/query-pr-single.pl?number=26791 2004-08-27 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Macro details): more warnings about macro usage. Report from: Stepan Kasal , 24 Aug 2004 09:29:35 +0200. * doc/texinfo.tex (\Efloat): \vskip\parskip after printing the caption; previous \printedsomething code to do this had become obsolete. Reported by Stepan. * doc/texinfo.txi (caption shortcaption): show an example for @shortcaption, and remark that weird commands like @c and @verb are not allowed. Suggested by Stepan. 2004-08-27 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\initial): when breaking the column before the initial, allow for some space at the bottom of the column, so the baselineskip is preserved (more or less). Don't give negative penalty, it encouradges creating of underfull columns with stretched baselineskip. At the end, the \nobreak should be before \vskip, not after it. 2004-08-26 Stepan Kasal * util/texi2dvi: fix the sed script searching for @documentencoding; Double-quote some instances of "$filename_???" 2004-08-26 Akim Demaille Let DVI and PDF files honor the document encoding in TeX. * util/texi2dvi ($language): Be sure to set its value. (get_xref_files): Turn this external shell script into a function. (filename_rcd, $tmpdir_rcd): New. If the file is in Texinfo, and has @documentencoding, and recode is available, then run it. 2004-08-25 Akim Demaille * util/Makefile.am (texinfo.cat): Fix for srcdir != builddir. 2004-08-25 Karl Berry * util/texi2dvi: @ is also ok for the first character of xref_files. 2004-08-20 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\tablez): accidentally removed assignments enabling @item and @itemx within @table. 2004-08-19 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\multitable): \def\item to \crcr, instead of \let, to avoid errors with a nested @itemize inside @multitable. Report from: Pierre-Luc Veilleux , 18 Aug 2004 13:26:00 -0400. 2004-08-19 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\scanmacro): Make backslash active, not other, as this is the default when processing texinfo files. Otherwise, a \ inside @copying will eventually print as ``. 2004-08-18 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\scantxt): " is another active char to be sanitized. 2004-08-18 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (exampleindent): document that the default is different in TeX. From: Simon Josefsson , 18 Aug 2004 13:44:32 +0200. 2004-08-14 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\cslet): equivalent-or-better, and shorter, version from dak, 12 Aug 2004 19:17:27 +0200. * doc/texinfo.txi (makeinfo options): use --no-number-sections with non-hierarchical manuals. 2004-08-13 Karl Berry * util/texi2dvi: check for -file-line-error, since -style is no longer part of the name. 2004-08-07 Karl Berry * info/echo-area.c (inform_in_echo_area): avoid buffer overrun. Report from: Roman Werpachowski , 7 Aug 2004 01:18:32 +0200. * info/echo-area.h (inform_in_echo_area): declare arg as const, while we're at it. 2004-08-02 Karl Berry * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym_or_abbr): use strchr, not index. Report from: Prof Brian Ripley , 2 Aug 2004 12:47:36 +0100 (BST) 2004-07-31 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi, * doc/texinfo.tex, * makeinfo/cmds.c, cmds.h, xml.c, xml.h, * util/texinfo.dtd: new command @abbr, suggested by Paul Eggert, who also sent the original documentation. 2004-07-30 Karl Berry * info/infomap.c (initialize_vi_like_keymaps): bind j to info_next_line and k to info_prev_line. From Eli. 2004-07-30 Maciej W. Rozycki * info/filesys.c (extract_colon_unit): Clean up handling of the end of string. 2004-07-27 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (verb): explicitly warn that @verb cannot be used in xref contexts. 2004-07-27 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\float): The parameters for @float are separated by commas; allow a space after each of the commas. The TeX code for @caption, @shortcaption and @copying now uses a similar mechanism to macro definitions. In detail: * doc/texinfo.tex (\macrobodyctxt, \macroargctxt): Generalize, ... (\scanctxt, \scanargctxt): ... and introduce new variants. (\scanexp): New macro--expand the parameter and call \scantokens. (\copying, \docopying, \insertcopying): Use \scanargctxt and \scanexp--this simplifies things a lot. (\caption, \shortcaption): Redefine, using \scanargctxt via ... (\docaption, \defcaption): ... these new macros. (\appendtomacro): Simplify code, using \expandafter. 2004-07-26 Karl Berry Avoid using the path for output files, since this led to problems when incompatible files created by previous versions were found. * makeinfo/files.c (find_and_load): introduce second parameter use_path, set to 0 from the call in handle_delayed_writes, 1 in all cases. * makeinfo/files.h: change decl. * makeinfo/cmds.c, makeinfo.c, node.c: change calls. From: Thomas Klausner , 14 Jul 2004 00:31:54 +0200. 2004-07-25 Werner Lemberg Rename @s to @slanted. * doc/texinfo.tex (\s): Replace with... (\slanted): This. * doc/texinfo.txi: Updated. * makeinfo/cmds.c (command_table): Add @slanted, not @s. (cm_s): Replace with... (cm_slanted): This. * makeinfo/cmds.h: Add cm_slanted, not cm_s.. * NEWS: Updated. 2004-07-24 Karl Berry * info/echo-area.c (ea_possible_completions), * info/session.c (forward_move_node_structure), * info/infokey.c (compile): cast to intptr_t to avoid cast to pointer from integer of different size. From Havard Eidnes , 14 Jul 2004 20:38:59 +0200. 2004-07-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): with XML, instead of directly calling handle_variable_internal for -D and -U command line flags, hold the variable declarations until output document is started. (convert_from_loaded_file): handle variables provided with -D and -U flags here, just before entering the reader_loop. (Otherwise, -D/-U with --xml cause a segfault.) 2004-07-15 Werner Lemberg * doc/texinfo.tex (\s): New command to typeset text with a slanted font. * doc/texinfo.txi: Document @s. * makeinfo/cmds.c (command_table): Add @s. (cm_s): New function. Currently the same as cm_i -- it probably has to be adapted to Docbook and XML. * makeinfo/cmds.h: Add prototype for cm_s. * NEWS: Document new command @s. 2004-07-15 Werner Lemberg * doc/texinfo.tex (\TeX): Adjust \spacefactor to make it act like a lowercase letter, not like a period. 2004-07-12 Karl Berry * texinfo/texinfo.txi (Useful Highlighting): Include cross-references to each of the commands. Suggestion from Wolfgang Pausch, 12 Jul 2004 08:26:28 +0200. * texinfo/texinfo.txi (Invoking makeinfo), * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: mention that --if-noFORMAT also processes @ifnotFORMAT blocks. Suggestion from Stepan. 2004-07-11 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (discard_until): leave input_text_offset at the end of input_text if not found, not at one past the end of input_text. (Had erroneously put that in the block only if an error was given.) The result was a null byte after macro expansions. Report from Werner, 10 Jul 2004 15:36:40 +0200. * makeinfo/node.c (split_file): fwrite Local Variables trailer so it actually gets into the output of the top-level info file; don't just insert_string. Report from: Werner LEMBERG, 11 Jul 2004 08:58:13 +0200. 2004-07-10 Karl Berry * util/texi2pdf: new script. * util/Makefile.am: install it. * doc/texinfo.txi: document it. 2004-07-05 Karl Berry * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_email, cm_uref, et al.): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_indexentry, xml_insert_indexterm): * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_listoffloats): use %s, don't pass string to execute_string. Report from Christian Schenk. 2004-07-02 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makinfo.c (execute_string): don't worry about mismatched multiline commands if executing_macro. 2004-06-27 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: Various doc fixes. (\dosubindsanitize): propagate the same penalty >10000, don't just use \nobreak. (\sectionheading): insert a final penalty of 10001, not 10000. This causes \aboveenvbreak to insert \parskip glue, cancelling the \vskip-\parskip done here. Otherwise, when (e.g.) @section is followed immediately by @example, the example can be shrunk up above the section title. 2004-06-14 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummies, \indexnofonts): dummy-up @comma. Report from Arnold. 2004-06-06 Karl Berry * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): ensure all elements are always initialized, including output_file, section, and section_name. (cm_printindex): don't pass index->output_file to add_html_block_elt_args if it is null. Also do not pass spurious extra index_name argument. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): don't call html_output_head if only_macro_expansion (e.g., a macro call in the Top menu). From: Yuri D'Elia , 05 Jun 2004 21:11:00 +0200. 2004-06-03 Karl Berry * info/session.c (info_menu_digit): use menu, rather than entry, to avoid seg fault on "0" (the last item), since menu has already been checked. From: Malcolm Rowe , 02 Jun 2004 21:32:37 +0100. 2004-05-17 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh, gendocs_template: use package.format.tar.gz consistently. Before, -, _, and . were all used. 2004-05-16 Karl Berry * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): include strcase.h. From: "Gerrit P. Haase" , 15 May 2004 21:50:52 +0200. * util/gendocs.sh: force HTML output name, otherwise Emacs fails with its "@setfilename ../...". 2004-05-04 Karl Berry * util/texi2dvi (TEX): don't use the value when it ends in "latex"; TEX is also used by mpost. Report from Yvon.Henel@wanadoo.fr. 2004-04-29 Karl Berry * doc.texinfo.txi (Invoking makeinfo): mention --plaintext. From Akim. * doc/texinfo.tex (\emptyusermacros): can use \asis. (\identity): remove. 2004-04-29 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummiesnofonts, \indexnofonts): In order to correctly transform words like `Dvo\v{r}\'{a}k' to `Dvorak' for index sorting, one has to define all accent control sequences as @asis. (Current code would produce `Dvor{a}k'.) 2004-04-29 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (remember_error): Try cm_bye not more than twice. Fixes `Too many errors! Gave up.' looping. 2004-04-26 Karl Berry * lib/system.h (STRCASEEQ, STRNCASEEQ): new #defines for convenience. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): actually change the output to avoid a spurious xref. Suggestion from Jan Nieuwenhuizen , 26 Apr 2004 00:04:04 +0200, emacs-devel. * automake 1.8.4. 2004-04-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\emptyusermacros, \identity): new macros. (\indexdummiesnofonts): call it. This is to semi-support macro calls in the arg to @deffn. Report from: Akim Demaille , 20 Apr 2004 17:48:28 +0200. 2004-04-21 Karl Berry * configure.ac (gl_FUNC_MKSTEMP): rename from UTILS_FUNC_MKSTEMP, per new gnulib code. 2004-04-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/tests/copying: force POSIX language setting. 2004-04-19 Karl Berry * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): use for commands other than @code, so we get typewriter output; and add `...' for @samp. Report from: John Blevin , 16 Apr 2004 11:40:01 -0400. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head) [CSS_FONT_ROMAN, CSS_FONT_SMALL_CAPS]: prettify. 2004-04-18 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\Orb): define if undefined. Report from Laurent Siebenmann. * util/dir-example: diff updates. 2004-04-13 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: remove trailing blanks. suggestion from Jim. 2004-04-12 Paul Eggert * doc/Makefile.am (info.1, infokey.1, install-info.1, makeinfo.1, texi2dvi.1, texindex.1): Don't use $< in ordinary rules; it's not portable. * util/Makefile.am (texinfo.cat): Likewise. 2004-04-12 Karl Berry * bootstrap: update from berlios. 2004-04-11 Karl Berry * Version 4.7. 2004-04-09 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): do not free the temporary copy of input_filename until we're definitely done with it. It is used in line_error, etc. * INSTALL: mention texinfo.tex install step. * util/Makefile.am (texinfo.cat): new name instead of just `catalog'. rename files. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): texinfo-cat.in now, not catalog.in. 2004-04-09 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): after @copying, do not discard until a newline if we are looking at one. (end_insertion): decrement input line number after @end copying. 2004-04-08 Karl Berry * util/Makefile.am: doc fix, as automake.diff is no longer needed. 2004-04-07 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.6.95. * doc/texinfo.tex (\dodonode): new macro to remove trailing comma. (\donode): call it, after removing space-comma. * doc/texinfo.txi (indicateurl): new name for url. (uref): url is now a synonym for uref. * doc/texinfo.tex (\url, \indicateurl): implement. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_indicate_url): rename from cm_url. (command_table): make "url" a synonym for "uref". * makeinfo/cmds.h (cm_indicate_url): declare it. 2004-04-06 Karl Berry * makeinfo/sectioning.c (insert_and_underscore): use `...' quote instead of "..." in error message. * info/*.c: likewise. 2004-04-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_colon): check if the character we are erasing from the output belongs to an XML tag. 2004-04-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_author): use author element in XML output for attribution. 2004-04-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): do not call write_tag_table if the output filename is "-". 2004-04-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion):
 blocks implicitly ends
	the previous paragraph, so avoid 

after the end tag. * makeinfo/footnote.c (output_pending_notes): made Footnotes anchor non translatable, and changed it to "texinfo-footnotes-in-document" to lessen the chance of getting in the way of another Footnotes anchor. 2004-04-04 Jim Meyering * info/nodes.c (info_load_file_internal): Don't free lowered_name until *after* using fullpath, since they may be one and the same. 2004-04-03 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Image Syntax): had missing @'s in cookies. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_w): insert a comment at the end of @w, so that @w{$}Log$ doesn't end up as Log. Report from rms. * doc/texinfo.txi (GNU Sample Texts, w): mention this. 2004-04-02 Karl Berry * configure.ac: pretest version 4.6.94. * doc/texinfo.txi (Node Line Requirements): discuss whitespace. * doc/texinfo.tex (\node, \donode): remove trailing spaces (before the first comma) in the @node line. 2004-03-29 Karl Berry * util/install-info.c (menu_line_lessp, menu_line_equal): move to before all uses. 2004-03-27 Karl Berry * info/signals.c (initialize_info_signal_handler) [SA_NOCLDSTOP]: use instead of HAVE_SIGACTION, since Solaris 2.7+ with Sun CC don't have sa_handler, sa_flags, sa_mask. * info/session.c (search_string_index): remove unused variable. * info/terminal.c (term_mo): remove unused variable. * info/display.c (display_clear_display): remove unused variable display_line. * util/install-info.c (infilelen_sans_info): remove unused variable. * doc/texinfo.txi: mistakenly had * name: node: in menu items instead of * name: node. * util/install-info.c (menu_item_equal): must declare ret at beginning of function. From Werner. 2004-03-27 Jim Meyering * info/info-utils.c (info_parse_node): Don't read beyond end of buffer when looking for ``(line ...)'' in a menu item. 2004-03-27 Andreas Schwab * util/install-info.c (menu_item_equal): Don't scan past term_char. 2004-03-26 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.6.93. * util/install-info.c (menu_item_equal): compare basenames, so lilypond/ subdir will match. Bug report from Werner, 21 Mar 2004 08:31:10 +0100. * configure.ac (AC_CHECK_DECLS): skip strncasecmp again. * lib/system.h (strcase.h): change conditional to !HAVE_STRNCASECMP || !HAVE_STRCASECMP. Extra !HAVE_DECL seems superfluous. * lib/system.h: include last, following Autoconf's ac_includes_default. 2004-03-25 Karl Berry All these changes are because strncasecmp is only declared in on IBM AIX 4.2. (Report from Nelson Beebe.) * configure.ac (AC_CHECK_DECLS): add memchr; no need to check for strcasecmp.(gl_STRCASE): call this ... (AC_REPLACE_FUNCS): ... replacing checks for strcasecmp and strncasecmp here. * lib/system.h (memchr) [!HAVE_DECL_MEMCHR]: add conditional declaration. (strcase.h) [!HAVE_DECL_STRNCASE]: add conditional include. (strings.h) [HAVE_STRINGS_H]: include if available, even if is also available. * info/session.c (strncasecmp) [M_XENIX]: remove this conditional declaration, since we haven't been testing for M_XENIX in many years. * m4/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add strcase.m4. * util/srclist.txt (lib/strcase.h, m4/strcase.m4): add, updating from gnulib. 2004-03-24 Karl Berry * makeinfo/index.c: * makeinfo/float.c: avoid use of snprintf, which is not available on all platforms. Bug report by Nelson and Vin Shelton (22mar03). * automake 1.8.3. 2004-03-23 Karl Berry * doc/info-stnd.texi (Searching Commands): typo from jesper. 2004-03-21 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): \definedummyletter needs to define the control letters to be empty, without taking any argument; most control letters, such as @:, don't take arguments, and it won't hurt to just always ignore them for index sorting. Report from Arnold. * info/doc.h (InfoFunction): cast NULL to VFunction *, to prevent pgcc from complaining. From Nelson. 2004-03-20 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Structuring Command Types): be even more explicit about @unnumbered vs. @heading. * makeinfo/html.c (insert_html_tag_with_attributes): use the same parameter names (start_or_end and tag) in both stdc and !stdc cases. Report from Nelson. * info/m-x.c (info_execute_command): don't dereference InfoFunction(command) as a function call if it's NULL. Report from Nelson, pgcc-5.1-3 complains. 2004-03-19 Karl Berry * info/signals.h [!SA_NOCLDSTOP]: borrow test from coreutils' sort.c, to avoid using sigset_t when it's not defined (apparently). * makeinfo/html.c (escape_string): escape ", too, for @image's alttext among others. * makeinfo/html.h: doc fix. * doc/texinfo.txi (Image Syntax): making empty alt text, do escaping. * util/dir-example: reorder. * doc/texinfo.txi (title subtitle author): using them outside @titlepage is an error, they're not actually "ignored". * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_author): one mdash suffices. 2004-03-19 Jim Meyering * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): Use memmove, rather than strncpy, since source and destination strings overlap. * makeinfo/float.c (add_new_float): Avoid buffer overrun when appending `.' to a chapter number. 2004-03-18 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.6.92. 2004-03-18 Andreas Schwab * lib/xmalloc.c: Include "system.h" instead of declaring malloc and realloc ourselves. (xmalloc): Change type of size parameter to size_t. (xrealloc): Likewise. * lib/system.h (xmalloc, xrealloc): Change type of size parameter to size_t. 2004-03-18 Karl Berry * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): ignore any directory part or extension in html case, warn if nothing left. * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Xref Link Basics): ignore directory part in @xref cmd. * lib/getopt.h (__GNUC_PREREQ) [! __GNUC_PREREQ]: change conditional to the actual symbol, instead of just __GNUC, else --disable-nls compilation fails under SunOS 5.8 with gcc 3.2.3 (at least). Report from Vin Shelton, 15 Mar 2004 08:51:14 -0500. * util/texindex.c: add some const declarations. * util/install-info.c: add some const declarations. (by no means all) * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Xref *): new nodes. 2004-03-15 Karl Berry * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): need ../ in reference to foreign html manual, if splitting. 2004-03-14 Jim Meyering * makeinfo/index.c (insert_index_output_line_no): Ensure that `i' is larger than zero before (not after) using `i-1' as an array index. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym): Don't write description[-1] when description is the empty string. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert): Avoid buffer under-run when output_paragraph_offset is zero. (canon_white): Rewrite not to use strcpy (was used with overlapping source and destination) 2004-03-14 Andreas Schwab * info/session.c: Fix buffer overflows. 2004-03-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): print the fifth arg (or fourth if it's not available), in parens for the visible text of the HTML link. 2004-03-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/tests/node-expand.txi: * makeinfo/tests/node-whitespace.txi: added titles to @top. 2004-03-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): check if title is pointing to NULL before calling strlen (happens when there is no @settitle before @top.) 2004-03-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): warn if both @top and @settitle are empty. (sectioning_html, insert_and_underscore): use @settitle argument if @top is empty. (insert_and_underscore): removed with_char argument from function declaration. * makeinfo/sectioning.h: insert_and_underscore proto update. 2004-03-13 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.6.91. * info/*.[ch]: copyright dates, and final ugly casts. * doc/texinfo.txi (Generating HTML): make its own chapter, since we have lots to say about xrefs now. * doc/texinfo.txi (Refilling Paragraphs): @ignore this, just describe @refill better in the summary. (Obtaining TeX): make a section of Hardcopy, instead of its own appendix. (Command Syntax): subnode of @@-Command List. This reduction in the number of appendices will hopefully make the manual less overwhelming. 2004-03-13 Alper Ersoy * info/dir.c: * info/display.c: * info/display.h: * info/doc.h: * info/dribble.c: * info/dribble.h: * info/echo-area.c: * info/echo-area.h: * info/filesys.c: * info/filesys.h: * info/footnotes.c: * info/footnotes.h: * info/gc.c: * info/gc.h: * info/indices.c: * info/indices.h: * info/info-utils.c: * info/info-utils.h: * info/info.c: * info/info.h: * info/infodoc.c: * info/infokey.c: * info/infomap.c: * info/infomap.h: * info/m-x.c: * info/makedoc.c: * info/man.c: * info/man.h: * info/nodemenu.c: * info/nodes.c: * info/nodes.h: * info/search.c: * info/search.h: * info/session.c: * info/session.h: * info/signals.c: * info/terminal.c: * info/terminal.h: * info/tilde.c: * info/tilde.h: * info/variables.c: * info/variables.h: * info/window.c: * info/window.h: * lib/system.h: protoized. 2004-03-12 Karl Berry * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): don't segfault when generating xml if @top arg was empty. Report from Pat. 2004-03-11 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfoutput): check also for \relax and 0, not just \undefined, in case pdftex is being run in dvi mode. Reported by Thomas Esser. * lib/Makefile.am (libtxi_a_SOURCES): add getopt_int.h. 2004-03-11 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name): removed unnecessary ampersand check. (fix_filename): removed size calculation and memory reallocation for filename as it is already PATH_MAX bytes. Added a check so we don't cross PATH_MAX boundary while expanding not-isalnum to hex values. * makeinfo/toc.c (toc_add_entry): generate links following html cross refs proposal from Patrice Dumas. 2004-03-11 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: changed URL_SAFE_CHAR to isalnum. * makeinfo/html.c (add_escaped_anchor_name, add_anchor_name) (fix_filename): generate links following html cross refs proposal from Patrice Dumas. * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): tweaked references to external manuals, to better follow html cross refs proposal. 2004-03-08 Karl Berry * pretest version 4.6.90. * makeinfo/Makefile.am (makeinfo_SOURCES): include multi.h. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_verb): avoid spurious warning. 2004-03-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_special_char): call add_encoded_char for Info output too. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_minus): use minus entity for HTML too. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): disable multiple dashes and quotes entity substitution for HTML and XML, if escape_html is not true. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * util/texinfo.dtd: added math element and updated footnote. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_footnote): start if not already started. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): make entry node name 'Footnotes' if the output format is non-split HTML, and we are handling footnotes. * makeinfo/footnote.c (output_pending_notes): added anchor at the start of footnotes block for the non-split HTML output, so @printindex can refer to that point as the nodename. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): use var element for HTML, instead of i. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): reset filling_enable to its previous state after getting the cookie done. 2004-03-01 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): insert magic cookie only if there's a bitmap file (if all we have is a text file, skip the cookie.) 2004-02-29 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): moved node order handling to ... (remember_node): here. 2004-02-29 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (draw_horizontal_separator): insert a space before the newline so it looks different than @subsection's. 2004-02-29 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert): do not strip trailing whitespace in multitables. 2004-02-29 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): removed XML tag balance checks. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): for rawxml, rawhtml and rawdocbook blocks, change the state of escaping depending on raw_output_block in order to avoid problems when these blocks are used within a @rmacro. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): for quotation use default_indentation_increment. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (info_trailer): call current_document_encoding here too. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/lang.h: new variable unknown_encoding. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_documentencoding): save and use the encoding argument even if it's unknown. * makeingo/html.c (html_output_head): call current_document_encoding instead of checking document_encoding_code. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): simplified entry generation. 2004-02-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/files.h: new members node_order and index_order in DELAYED_WRITE struct. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): save current node and index order. (handle_delayed_writes): update tag_table positions and index line numbers by comparing orders, not line numbers they are defined. * makeinfo/index.c: made index_counter not static and ... * makeinfo/index.h: extern. * makeinfo/node.h: new member order in TAG_ENTRY struct. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): keep the order of the node entry. 2004-02-27 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh: generate ASCII in static file, not stdout, so toc/index can get written. * util/gendocs_template: XHTML version from http://www.gnu.org/boilerplate.html, via John Darrington , 9 Jan 2004 07:24:27 +0800. 2004-02-27 Jan Nieuwenhuizen * doc/texinfo.txi (Image Syntax): Update. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): Only insert a period between the image's NAME and EXTENSION as a second guess, to retain backward compatibility. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): if we are closing either TABLEITEM, ITEM or DEFINITIONITEM during string execution, update relevant state. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): moved state updates below insertion and element stack checks, so any code executed in those checks will be aware of executing_string. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_docbook_image): for Docbook, if paragraph is open, use inlinemediaobject instead of mediaobject in an informalfigure. (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): indent after informalfigure. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element INLINEIMAGE. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): for XML, use INLINEIMAGE or IMAGE depending on paragraph state. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): for Info, enclose text image in brackets if @image is used inline (ie. paragraph is open). 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_noindent_cmd, cm_indent): start paragraph for Info too. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): for HTML, if paragraph is not open, enclose image in a
block. 2004-02-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_noindent_cmd, cm_indent): insert

for HTML. 2004-02-26 Alper Ersoy * util/texinfo.dtd: moved verbatim to █. 2004-02-25 Stepan Kasal A first step towards general cleanup of sectioning macros: * doc/texinfo.tex (\genhead): A generalized version of ... (\numhead, \apphead, unnmhead): ... these, which uses ... (\chapheadtype, \unmlevel, \maxseclevel): ... these "variables". 2004-02-25 Karl Berry * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): insert cookie in Info output for benefit of Info readers. 2004-02-26 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): removed obsolete Docbook indentation work-around. 2004-02-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_author): new function. (cm_titlepage_cmds): removed @author parts. * makeinfo/cmds.c: made @author call cm_author. 2004-02-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi: avoid duplicate index entries within the same node (from Alper): syncodeindex, lines 9627 and 9633 TEXINPUTS, lines 14157 and 14202 texinfo-format-buffer 15131 and 15159 texinfo-format-region 15130 and 15149 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: new variable example_indentation_increment. * makeinfo/cmds.c (set_default_indentation_increment): renamed to set_example_indentation_increment. (cm_exampleindent): call set_example_indentation_increment. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): @example, @display and the like now rely on example_indentation_increment. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): @float should not play with indentation. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): check if we are crossing the caption boundaries looking for a space to break at. 2004-02-24 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: TEXINFO_OUTPUT -> TEXINFO_OUTPUT_FORMAT, after discussion with tar maintainer. 2004-02-20 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\infochapter, \infosection, etc.): these stubs of sectioning commands nuked. 2004-02-24 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\centerchap): Fixed to work again, don't open group. (\centerparameters): New macro. (\centerchfplain): Nuked. The following continues with prosecution of @setchapterstyle{open}: * doc/texinfo.tex (\chfplain): renamed to \chapmacro. (\CHAPFplain): Nuked. (\setchapterstyle): Moved next to its deprecated friends. 2004-02-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\dofloat): start a paragraph. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_caption): check if the innermost environment is @float. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * info/session.c (info_menu_digit): if the menu entry has a line number, go to that line. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * info/info.c (main): make sure dir file is not listed for option --where. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute, xml_add_char) (xml_begin_table, xml_end_table, xml_begin_table_item) (xml_continue_table_item): separated ITEM and TABLEITEM states to handle @table environments better. 2004-02-24 Alper Ersoy * util/texinfo.dtd: added float and friends, updated tableitem and Inline.reference. 2004-02-23 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Structuring Command Types): slightly more info about headings. Fix other references, too. * Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): explicitly list every file in djgpp, so that the CVS directory is not included in the dist.tar.gz. 2004-02-23 Arnold D. Robbins * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): For @samp, using single quotes instead of double quotes, to match TeX output more closely. 2004-02-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.h: new output_file and entry_number members in index_elt struct. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg, cm_printindex): rewrote hyperlink generation for HTML to avoid duplicate anchors, and to work with splitting enabled. 2004-02-20 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): create HTML hyperlinks with add_word instead of using @ref to avoid problems with commas in captions. 2004-02-20 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): remove whitespace before the node separator sequence. 2004-02-20 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (handle_enum_increment): do not increment counters for ENUM_SECT_NO heading commands (ie. @unnumbered, @majorheading, etc.) 2004-02-20 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item): unset hsep if item command is not @headitem. 2004-02-19 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: More hyphenation exceptions. (\author, \quotation): implement @author inside @quotation, for attribution purposes. 2004-02-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_exampleindent): fixed paragraph handling after @exampleindent lines. 2004-02-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): create an anchor where @index is used in HTML documents. (cm_printindex): make index text an hyperlink to the created anchor. 2004-02-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): skip empty lines following @table, @ftable, @vtable and @itemize lines. 2004-02-18 Karl Berry * lib/substring.c, * lib/xexit.c, * lib/xmalloc.c, * lib/system.h: ANSI-fy. (Other lib files come from gnulib.) * doc/texinfo.txi (Definition Commands): describe the argument/@var situation more accurately. * doc/texinfo.txi (Definition Commands): explicitly document the implicit index entry creation in all cases. * doc/texinfo.txi (Printing Indices & Menus, Indices, Predefined Indices): remove redundancies, make different purposes clear, etc. 2004-02-18 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_get_assoc_for_id, xml_associate_title_with_id): removed these functions. * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): do not call xml_get_assoc_for_id. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): added xreflabel attribute to @unnumbered for Docbook. 2004-02-18 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): for Docbook, use lowercase ``see'' when printing index. 2004-02-18 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_indexentry): removed ``see'' from index entries as cm_xref takes care of it. 2004-02-17 Karl Berry * doc/info.texi (Help-Int): mention the new line number feature. * doc/texinfo.txi (Indices): plural correction. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking Info): matche typo. (Searching Commands): grammar. * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): need to subtract 1 from the actual line number to get to the right place, don't really know why. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c, info/info.c, util/texindex.c, utils/install-info.c, util/texi2dvi: update copyright year to 2004, and do not mark copyright line for translation, since international law says to always use the English word "copyright". 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): use add_html_block_elt instead of add_word for

ending @example and the like. * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): use add_html_block_elt for
  • . 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): do not expand @copying for HTML and Info too. (cm_insert_copying): expand copying_text for all formats here. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): use text_expansion for copying text. 2004-02-17 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (float): mention @multitable and @image as typical contents. From Arnold. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): removed check to see if current element contains para before calling xml_start_para, as that check is performed in xml_start_para too. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): indent float caption. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): for XML and Docbook, do not expand @copying text. Instead of calling @anchor, use for XML. (cm_copying): removed ugly copying_text manipulation for Docbook. Warn if there is no @copying before @insertcopying. * makeinfo/xml.c: made floats contain para. (xml_start_para): check if current element can contain para. (xml_add_char): removed @copying checks. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): if the output format is XML, do not call close_insertion_paragraph after @end menu. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): indentation fixes for @multitable. 2004-02-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (do_multitable): remove trailing newline when the output format is Docbook or XML, as output_paragraph becomes unusable later for xml_indent during select_output_environment. 2004-02-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_bye): do not call flush_output as text appended by convert_from_loaded_file may need to play with output_paragraph. 2004-02-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_end_document): insert newline after only if indentation is disabled (otherwise xml_indent takes care of the newline.) (xml_insert_indexentry): disable warnings when executing implicit @xref commands for Docbook, otherwise makeinfo will warn about missing punctuation. 2004-02-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): eat one newline after @xml/@docbook blocks for proper indentation. 2004-02-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_center): fixed line wrapping after the @center command. 2004-02-15 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): disabled warnings around the implicit register_delayed_write("@documentencoding") call. 2004-02-15 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): when handling @xml, @html and @docbook blocks, do not touch para elements, and keep whitespace as-is. 2004-02-15 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.h: made xml_keep_space extern. 2004-02-15 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_noindent_cmd, cm_indent): implicitly start para element for Docbook and XML. 2004-02-15 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\hyphenation): add more hyphenation exceptions, gleaned from the log in TUGboat. * doc/info-stnd.texi: document new option --where. * info/info.c (main): in print_where_p case, ensure we don't try to print NULL. 2004-02-14 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\addtokens): had two identical definitions, remove one. (\maketoks): no space token after |ENDTOKS|, although I guess it hasn't mattered. (\entry): make clear what is the argument to \pdfgettoks and what is output. (\appendtomacro): use our own token registers, for safety. (\listoffloatsdoentry): fully expand the page number, and don't expand the lof text. 2004-02-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_index): cast output_paragraph to char, to avoid warnings with -pedantic. 2004-02-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: * makeinfo/cmds.h: * makeinfo/defun.c: * makeinfo/defun.h: * makeinfo/files.c: * makeinfo/files.h: * makeinfo/float.c: * makeinfo/float.h: * makeinfo/footnote.c: * makeinfo/footnote.h: * makeinfo/html.c: * makeinfo/html.h: * makeinfo/index.c: * makeinfo/index.h: * makeinfo/insertion.c: * makeinfo/insertion.h: * makeinfo/lang.c: * makeinfo/lang.h: * makeinfo/macro.c: * makeinfo/macro.h: * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: * makeinfo/multi.c: * makeinfo/node.c: * makeinfo/node.h: * makeinfo/sectioning.c: * makeinfo/sectioning.h: * makeinfo/toc.c: * makeinfo/toc.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xref.c: * makeinfo/xref.h: protoized functions. 2004-02-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.h: new file. 2004-02-13 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\caption): make \long. * doc/texinfo.txi (Nodes): mention that changing node names is bad. (caption shortcaption, listoffloats): write these, finishing the first cut at @float documentation. 2004-02-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_verb): end @verb only if delimiter is followed by a closing brace. 2004-02-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_accent_generic): warn if accented character is whitespace. 2004-02-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertionc. (end_insertion): decrement current_indent only if the output format is Info. 2004-02-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): adjusted caption styles for label and type conditions. (begin_insertion, end_insertion): indent first paragraphs inside @float, even if first paragraph in a chapter. Increment/decrement current_indent. 2004-02-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/tests/defxcond: look for `--' instead of `-'. 2004-02-12 Karl Berry * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): change warning wording. 2004-02-11 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\dofloat): initialize caption macros here, not globally. (\Efloat): rewrite for more consistent caption line, matching documentation. (\appendtomacro): new macro. (\currentparindent): this \newdimen was not used; removed. * doc/texinfo.txi (float): continue documenting. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): change wording of msgs. 2004-02-10 Karl Berry * makeinfo/defun.c: --- (which gets reduced to --) instead of -- (which gets reduced to -). Report from Akim Demaille , 09 Feb 2004 18:06:29 +0100. 2004-02-09 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\pickupwholefraction): allow the fraction to be an integer without a decimal point, like `1'. Report from: Dumas Patrice , 9 Feb 2004 16:46:30 +0100. * makeinfo/multi.c (setup_multitable_parameters): compute width and pass it, for clarity. 2004-02-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_insert_copying): insert double newlines instead of one in non XML outputs. 2004-02-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): do not decrement in_fixed_width_font as it gets decremented elsewhere. 2004-02-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (next_nonwhitespace_character): also check global input_text since filestack does not contain it. 2004-02-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (next_nonwhitespace_character): go through the whole filestack looking for the next character. 2004-02-06 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\indexnofonts): define \bullet .. \result, so they can be used in @?index commands. Report from: Akim Demaille , 06 Feb 2004 13:34:15 +0100. 2004-02-05 Karl Berry * makeinfo/xref.c (add_xref_punctuation): if we insert anything, make it a period. (cm_xref): include command name in error message. * doc/texinfo.txi (ref): mention generating a period, if needed. Too many complaints when we made a warning for @ref not followed by period or comma. 2004-02-05 Alper Ersoy * info/info-utils.c (info_parse_node): look for ``(line '' instead of skipping any non-digit characters. 2004-02-05 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (insert_index_output_line_no): made ``(line NNN)'' not translatable for Info output. 2004-02-03 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (flush_output): increment node_line_number too. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: new variable node_line_number to hold the last output line number the current node. * makeinfo/nodes.c (cm_node): reset node_line_number just before the node start cookie. * makeinfo/files.h: new node member in DELAYED_WRITE struct. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): save current node name if there's one. (handle_delayed_writes): adjust line numbers in indices only if the output is plaintext, or the index entry appears in the changed node. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg, cm_printindex): use node_line_number instead of output_line_number if the output is an Info file. 2004-02-03 Alper Ersoy * info/info-utils.h: new line_number member in REFERENCE struct. * info/info-utils.c (info_parse_node): parse (line ...) strings from menu items. (info_references_internal): save parsed line number in the entry. * info/session.c (info_menu_of_ref_item): if selected entry has a line number associated with it, jump to that line after updating window. 2004-02-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (add_xref_punctuation): new function that inserts necessary punctuation after @ref and @pxref commands. (cm_xref): call add_xref_punctuation when multiple parameters are given, make use of next_nonwhitespace_character function in the END case. (cm_ref): do not call cm_xref in the END case. 2004-02-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (next_nonwhitespace_character): new function. 2004-02-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): call xml_start_para instead of tweaking in_fixed_width_font, and use entities rather than quotes. 2004-02-02 Arnold D. Robbins * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_TeX, cm_LaTeX): Add docbook support. (cm_code): Add opening and closing single quotes for @samp in the Docbook output. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): Add `tex' and `latex' entities. * makeinfo/xref.c (cm_xref): Add `See' and `see' strings for docbook and xml. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): fixed ``--option: makeinfo'' messages. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_TeX, cm_LaTeX): really ignore the arguments as the warning suggests. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_TeX, cm_LaTeX): warn if there are any arguments. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/files.c (pop_path_from_include_path): do not mock with include_files_path address directly, as it confuses realloc. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main, usage): new --output-indent option. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_add_char): break long lines in paragraphs when the output format is Docbook. 2004-01-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/files.c (prepend_to_include_path, append_to_include_path) (pop_path_from_include_path): new functions to manipulate include_files_path. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_file): prepend the loaded file's path to include_files_path in order to make relative include files to be found, then remove afterwards. (main): make use of new functions for -I and -P options. 2004-01-30 Alper Ersoy * util/texinfo.dtd: added exdent element. 2004-01-29 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): call xml_begin_document after opening the output stream for writing. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): use delayed_command instead of command in messages as it may differ from the actual command name. Check the usability of current_output_filename. 2004-01-28 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (HTML Splitting): describe when two nodes are written to one output file. * doc/texinfo.tex (\TeX): \edef using original \TeX definition. 2004-01-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (process_defun_args, defun_internal): * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): execute XML only blocks for Docbook also. * makeinfo/xml.c: added Docbook elements for definition commands. (xml_begin_def_term): for Docbook, generate an Info-like @defun line. (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): do not indent DEFINITION and DEFINITIONTERM when the output is Docbook. 2004-01-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: changed majorheading and the like with bridgehead for Docbook. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): do not start sections with @majorheading and the like, only insert title. 2004-01-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element EXDENT. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment): save the paragraph state. (cm_exdent): use EXDENT element for XML, LINEANNOTATION for Docbook. * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): erase output_paragraph. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): canonize whitespace around copying text. (cm_insert_copying): comment fixes. Do not append newline if the output is Docbook. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (close_paragraph): return if Docbook too. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): removed newline from the end of titles. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_documentencoding): insert encoding attribute into XML and Docbook prologs when handling delayed writes. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): register a delayed write for @documentencoding when writing the prolog. (xml_end_para): removed docbook checks. (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): skip indentation if xml_keep_space is true, indent after table element. When the output is Docbook, do not insert xml:space attribute, and do not remove from the end of group element and keep_space blocks. (xml_add_char): join lines in a paragraph for Docbook too. 2004-01-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (out_char): simple use add_char for XML and Docbook outputs too. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (close_paragraph): just return when the output format is XML. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: new variable xml_indendation_increment. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment): insert a newline before the comment, if there is not already one. (cm_noindent_cmd): skip whitespace after the command. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element DETAILMENU. * makeinfo/xml.c: menuentry and menucomment should not contain para. (xml_indent, xml_indent_end_para): use xml_indentation_increment value, and indent only if it is a positive number. (xml_start_para): apply indentation for XML output too. (xml_end_para): add newline if xml_indentation_increment is positive. (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): major indentation fixes. (xml_start_menu_entry): skip whitespace at the start of menu comments. (xml_add_char): fixed paragraph detection in menus, and added a check to detect multiple whitespaces after newline in menu comments. Do not return when inside multitable to avoid concatenation of two lines without a space char in between. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_insert_copying, cm_lisp, cm_smalllisp) (cm_format, cm_smallformat, cm_display, cm_smalldisplay, cm_example) (cm_smallexample): do not insert newline when the output is XML. (end_insertion): ditto for the above mentioned block commands and @group. Do not increment in_fixed_font for XML output. (begin_insertion, end_insertion): enclose @detailmenu in a detailmenu element. * util/texinfo.dtd: added detailmenu, and fixed menucomment and tableitem definitions. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * util/Makefile.am: substituted catalog in EXTRA_DIST with catalog.in, and added catalog to CLEANFILES. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/files.h: new input_filename member in delayed_write struct. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): added input_filename to saved variables, and adjusted line_number saving. (handle_delayed_writes): set input_filename and line_number for correct warning and error messages. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): decrement line_number only if not handling delayed writes. * makeinfo/float.c (float_type_exists): check if float has a label. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): updated copyright year in --version text. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/tests/Makefile.am: commented top2.texi to fix distcheck. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): use PUBLIC id for TexinfoML instead of SYSTEM. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/Makefile.am: removed texinfo.dtd and texinfo.xsl and ... * util/Makefile.am: added here. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * utils/catalog.in: catalog file for texinfo.dtd. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: * makeinfo/texinfo.xsl: moved to ... * utils/texinfo.dtd: * utils/texinfo.xsl: here. 2004-01-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: added ordm and ordf entities and dmn element. updated indexterm location in tables. 2004-01-22 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\dofloat): handle empty float type and empty float label separately, matching makeinfo behavior. * doc/texinfo.txi (Floats): new section, not yet fully written. (Special Displays): new chapter to hold it. (Footnotes, Images): move these sections to the new chapter. (@@-Command Summary): list new commands. * NEWS: mention new commands here too. 2004-01-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_index): move data to a temporary location for delayed use and insert back when handling delayed writes. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): call xml_begin_index when not handling delayed writes too. 2004-01-19 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: doc fix. 2004-01-18 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummies): dummify @tie and remaining @ commands. (\tocindent): reduce to 15pt to match \defaultparindent. (\setref): use XR as control sequence prefix instead of just X; seems nicer. Change calls. Finish implementing @listoffloats: (\xrdef): keep lists of each float type. (\dofloat): save the floattype in the aux file. (\Efloat): write the lof text to the aux file. (\iffloat, \doiffloat, \listoffloats, \listoffloatsdo, \listoffloatsentry): new macros. * bootstrap: autoheader should come after aclocal, I think. 2004-01-17 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\doitemize): rename from \itemizey. (\itemizeitem): do not set \parskip=0 if the last thing was a \nobreak (e.g., from \sectionheading). Report from: Jesper Harder , 17 Jan 2004 22:03:51 +0100. * doc/texinfo.txi (email): no angle brackets in TeX output. Report from: Jesper Harder , 17 Jan 2004 21:03:21 +0100. 2004-01-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): Prefixed captions with float_type. For HTML, used an
      block. 2004-01-17 Alper Ersoy * info/info.c (main, info_short_help): new option -w, --where, --location that prints the physical location of Info file. 2004-01-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): enclose paragraphs in @def blocks in a blockquote element for indentation in the HTML output. 2004-01-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (insert_html_tag_with_attribute): new function. (insert_html_tag): only call insert_html_tag_with_attribute with NULL attribute string and return. (push_tag, pop_tag): keep the element attributes in stack too. (html_output_head): fixed span.roman in the default CSS. * makeinfo/html.h: new attribs member in hstack struct. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dmn, cm_code, cm_sc, cm_r): use insert_html_tag_with_attribute for setting element class. 2004-01-15 Karl Berry * texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): \ must have catcode other to handle \ in node/section names. 2004-01-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/toc.c (cm_contents): fixed Docbook element stack underflow. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_indexterm): set xml_dont_touch_items_defs for only XML output. 2004-01-14 Simon Josefsson * util/gendocs.sh: new option --html. 2004-01-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (rollback_empty_tag): rewrote to also identify empty elements with attributes. (insert_html_tag): increment and decrement in_html_elt. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): do not call flush_output for xml and html outputs as they do not need an accurate output line number tracking, and flush_output makes rollback_empty tag useless. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): increment and decrement in_html_elt when inserting the class attribute to avoid space char being replaced with entities. (cm_r, cm_dmn): use insert_string instead of add_word for the class attribute. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_r): changed add_word_args with insert_html_tag, and changed inline style with a class attribute. * makeinfo/html.c (insert_html_tag): when the current element is the same with the last in the stack, do not return if it's span. (html_output_head): new CSS class roman (for @r.) 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): reset output_position when closing the current HTML output file. * makeinfo/files.c (handle_delayed_writes): fixed position updating of the next writes. 2004-01-13 Karl Berry * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): reword warning, and only warn if writing to stdout, not /dev/null. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (glean_node_from_menu): removed unnecessary line_number incrementation. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): decrement line_number just after get_rest_of_line to make messages refer to the correct line, re-increment it just before returning. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): fixed prev, next, up nodes defaulting code to not make use of @menus after @bye. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): handle @printindex immediately if the output format is Docbook, rather than waiting for delayed writes. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): insert xml elements also for docbook. 2004-01-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (float_type_exists): new function that checks if a specific type of @float is previously used. (cm_listoffloats): warn if requested float_type is unknown. 2004-01-12 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): warn if delayed write is requested when the output file is not seekable. 2004-01-10 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Using Include Files): mention the possibility of no nodes in an include file. From Bob. 2004-01-10 Simon Josefsson * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): Only print ",\n" at correct places. 2004-01-10 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): use insert_string instead of add_word for css inclusion to avoid reformatting. 2004-01-09 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new variable xml_dont_touch_items_defs. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment, cm_sp): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_indexterm): set and unset xml_dont_touch_items_defs. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_element_with_attribute) (xml_add_char): do not do anything about @deffnx and @itemx commands if xml_dont_touch_items_defs is non-zero. 2004-01-09 Alper Ersoy * info/Makefile.am: define INFODIR2 that points to $datadir/info. * info/info.c (main): prepend INFODIR2 to infopath, if defined and if not the same with INFODIR. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): adapted to delayed writing, decreased the space between the columns of plaintext output. * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): disabled menu header checks, synced column_width with @printindex. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c: moved INDEX_ELT and INDEX_ALIST typedefs to ... * makeinfo/index.h: here * makeinfo/files.h: * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): save line number in input document that the calling command is in. (handle_delayed_writes): adjust byte offsets in tag table and output line numbers in all of the indices, * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): when finished, write the tag table after handling delayed writes. * makeinfo/node.c (write_tag_table): accept a filename argument, and open the file in append mode. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (add_new_float): * makeinfo/float.h: save the line number @float command used. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/toc.c (cm_contents): moved the call to html_output_head to ... * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write): here. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): adapted for delayed writing, and slightly fixed formatting with no_headers. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: use cm_contents for @shortcontents and @summarycontents too. * makeinfo/files.c (register_delayed_write) (handle_delayed_writes): new functions. * makeinfo/files.h: new delayed_write struct and handling_delayed_writes variable. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert): use whitespace macro instead of testing characters manually. (convert_from_loaded_file): call handle_delayed_writes when finished. * makeinfo/toc.c (contents_update_html, contents_update_info) (shortcontents_update_html, shortcontents_update_info): changed file read/writes with insert and insert_string. (rewrite_top, contents_update, shortcontents_update) (toc_update, cm_shortcontents): removed functions. (cm_contents): for HTML and Info, only call register_delayed_write if handling_delayed_writes is not true. Call contents_update_html and other variants according to output format and command name. * makeinfo/toc.h: removed obsolete variables and functions. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): keep line number of the index entry where it appears in the output. (insert_index_output_line_no): new function. (cm_printindex): call insert_index_output_line_no for info and plaintext outputs. 2004-01-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: new variable output_line_number. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (flush_output): keep number of lines in the flushed data, in output_line_number variable. 2004-01-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): when there is no caption, do not insert space between the float number and the colon. 2004-01-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): use shorttitle only if it's defined. 2004-01-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: new command @shortcaption. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element SHORTCAPTION. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_caption): insert CAPTION or SHORTCAPTION according to command. (begin_insertion): read @shortcaption too. Fixed XML floatpos contents. * makeinfo/float.h: added shorttitle and position to the float_elt struct. * makeinfo/float.c (add_new_float): accept a shorttitle argument. (current_float_shorttitle, current_float_position): new functions. (cm_listoffloats): if title is too long to fit into a line, try shorttitle. 2004-01-07 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.h: new variable node_has_listoffloats. * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): insert menu header string only if node_has_listoffloats is not true. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): reset node_has_listoffloats. 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): fixed a thinko in @float arguments parsing code, regarding string termination; changed manual input text skipping with skip_whitespace_and_newlines for proper line_number handling; and changed magic number 10 with sizeof for improved readability. * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): end paragraph before the menu header. Use add_html_block_elt to insert
      element. 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/crossrefs.c: * makeinfo/crossrefs.h: moved to ... * makeinfo/xref.c: * makeinfo/xref.h: new files. * makeinfo/Makefile.am: * makeinfo/cmds.c: * makeinfo/footnote.c: * makeinfo/html.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * makeinfo/node.c: * makeinfo/node.h: * makeinfo/sectioning.c: * makeinfo/toc.c: adjusted for new names. 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: moved cross referencing commands to ... * makeinfo/crossrefs.c: * makeinfo/crossrefs.h: new files. * makeinfo/cmds.c: * makeinfo/footnote.c: * makeinfo/html.c: * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: * makeinfo/node.c: * makeinfo/sectioning.c: * makeinfo/toc.c: added crossrefs.h to includes. * makeinfo/Makefile.am: added new files crossrefs.c and crossrefs.h 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): removed ``Node: '' from the node headers. 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): keep line_number the same before and after get_until, so messages issued inside full_expansion have correct line numbers. 2004-01-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): * makeinfo/node.c (glean_node_from_menu): adjust line_number. 2004-01-05 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\rawbackslashxx): rename to \backslashcurfont, to keep reducing the number of `xx's here. * doc/texinfo.tex (\setref): call \atdummies, not \indexnofonts; we need to keep the user's commands. (\dofloat): call \indexnofonts and \turnoffactive to support commands and special characters in the float type name. * doc/texinfo.txi (firstparindent): shorten name so it doesn't break in the toc. 2004-01-05 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): new CSS entry span.sc for small-caps font variant. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sc): use span with class attribute sc, instead of small. 2004-01-04 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummies, \indexnofonts): Merge the common part of these two to ... (\commondummiesnofonts): ... a new macro. (\indexdummylatex, \indexdummytex, \indexdummydots): Nuke, the time saved is not worth the hassle. 2004-01-04 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\makedispenv): Determine the size of the fonts according to the value of SETdispenvsize, using ... (\setnormaldispenv, \setsmalldispenv, \SETdispenvsize, \smallword): (\nosmallword): ... these new macros. (\flushleft): No longer defined via \makedispenv. 2004-01-03 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\TeX): new macro, copying plain but make a period following end a sentence. Idea from LaTeX. 2004-01-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/node.c (clean_old_split_files): new function. (split_file): moved filename generation code to a ... (enumerate_filename): new function. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): call clean_old_split_files before calling split_file. 2004-01-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (create_html_directory): new function. (insert_toplevel_subdirectory): moved common if blocks to create_html_directory. Adjusted checks to reuse existing directories, and remove existing .html files, when falling back to suffices. 2004-01-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_code): for HTML, use span for @command, @env, @file, @option and @samp, and insert command name as class attribute. 2003-12-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char, handle_menu_entry): end
        block before inserting

        , and restart afterwards. 2003-12-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): for HTML, append colon only if there is a description following the menu item. 2003-12-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (usage): removed short forms of output options. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * cmds.c (cm_comment): do not output comments before HTML header is written. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): new option --plaintext. (usage): added short forms of --html, --xml, --docbook and --plaintext to the help text. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item): removed thead and tbody from HTML tables. Added hsep after @headitem for Info. (multitable_item, multitable_tab): for HTML, use th instead of td for @headitem rows. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_multitable): moved Docbook TGROUP code to a ... (xml_begin_multitable_group): new function. (xml_end_multitable_row): restart TGROUP on @headitem. (xml_end_multitable): warn if @headitem is the last item in multitable, and output format is Docbook. Joined common code between XML and Docbook. 2003-12-30 Arnold D. Robbins * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): Use for docbook. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): substituted fixed numbers with the sizeof operator where possible, and commented code where not, to improve code readability. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): do not escape backslash and double quote characters in plaintext output. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): do not write magic cookie when output format is plaintext. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_char): added forgotten html check to in_html_block_level_elt if block. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: added new element alttext (IMAGEALTTEXT), as a child of image. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): moved alttext attribute to the new alttext child in XML output, to keep markup intact. Moved filename CDATA to name attribute. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: updated image element. 2003-12-30 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): use HTML entities in alt attribute. 2003-12-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_item): do not call close_single_paragraph and use rollback_empty_tag for empty

        removal. 2003-12-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (rollback_empty_tag): new function. (insert_html_tag): try rollback_empty_tag before closing both tag and old_tag. 2003-12-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sp): for HTML use
        	* makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): do not close paragraph when
        	outputting HTML to avoid empty 

        elements. (process_defun_args): joined duplicate if/else blocks. * makeinfo/html.c (insert_html_tag): removed redundant paragraph starting code. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): keep state of the first

        child of a
        in the new html_deflist_has_term variable for ... (cm_item): cleaner
        insertion checks. Fixed non-functional empty
        rollback code. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (add_html_block_elt, add_html_block_elt_args): new functions for inserting block level elements that must not be preceded by a

        element. (add_char): insert

        only if in_html_block_level_elt is not true. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment, cm_center): * makeinfo/footnote.c (output_pending_notes): * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): * makeinfo/insertion.c (enum_html, begin_insertion, end_insertion) (handle_verbatim_environment, cm_item): * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (handle_menu_entry): * makeinfo/multi.c (do_multitable): * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): use add_html_block_elt and add_html_block_elt_args instead of add_word and add_word_args respectively, when inserting

          , and the like. 2003-12-25 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Def Cmd Continuation Lines): new node. * NEWS: mention this new feature. 2003-12-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): inhibit paragraph indentation for more cases after example, display and the like environments. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_start_para, xml_end_para): made and indentation more newline-aware. 2003-12-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion, cm_example, cm_smallexample) (cm_lisp, cm_smalllisp, cm_format, cm_smallformat, cm_display) (cm_smalldisplay): unified whitespaces inside these elements in XML and Docbook output (always one newline at the beginning and one at the end). 2003-12-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_accent_generic_no_headers): do not issue warnings when substituting non-ASCII accents with punctuation. 2003-12-24 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): rparen is not allowed after all, confirmed by experimentation (thanks to Luc). * doc/texinfo.txi (ref): remove it from doc. 2003-12-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (convert_from_loaded_file): when finished, do not indent body and html closing tags, and do not use comment tags if there is no trailing information. 2003-12-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym): * makeinfo/cmds.h: save second arguments of acronym in acronyms_stack and reuse them as title attributes of acronym element of HTML output, when there is only one argument given. 2003-12-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): use text_expansion for alt attribute of images. 2003-12-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): do not insert "%s " unconditionally for title enumerations, which causes unnecessary blanks for @unnumbered and @top. 2003-12-23 Arnold D. Robbins * float.h (FLOAT_ELT): New member: `title_used'. Avoids reuse of title inside nested floats. (current_float_used_title, current_float_set_title_used): declared. * float.c (add_new_float): Init `new->title_used' to zero. (current_float_used_title, current_float_set_title_used): new functions. * xml.c (xml_begin_docbook_float): Make use of new functions to avoid omitting title, tag, id if have already done so inside nested float. 2003-12-22 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): warn if character after @ref does not produce a valid Info ref. (cm_ref): call cm_xref in both START and END cases. * doc/texinfo.txi (ref): make the second example being a "wrong" one explicit (report from Luc), and mention the warning. 2003-12-21 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\comma): new command. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comma): new fn. (command_table): use it for @comma. * doc/texinfo.txi (Atsign Braces Comma): Rename node. (Inserting a Comma): new node. (@@-Command Summary): include it here. 2003-12-20 gettextize * configure.ac (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump to 0.13.1. 2003-12-19 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\ordf, \ordm): use \lllsize instead of \lsize. Advice from Steve Peter. * doc/texinfo.txi (Printing Indices & Menus): typo, @@index -> @@vindex. From Luc. 2003-12-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym): read and make use of second argument like texinfo.tex does. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: new elements acronymword and acronymdesc. 2003-12-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): insert float element for docbook too. 2003-12-18 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi, doc/info-stnd.texi: fix incorrect cross-manual xrefs. From: Juri Linkov , 18 Dec 2003 05:01:07 +0200. 2003-12-18 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (insert): rollback unnecessary whitespace before newline characters. 2003-12-17 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\ordf, \ordm): new macros. (\commondummies): include them. (\indexnofonts): here too. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (command_table): add them. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_special_char): first cut at handling them. * doc/texinfo.txi (Inserting Accents): document them. 2003-12-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (process_defun_args): use execute_string instead of add_word so accent commands are honored. 2003-12-16 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): output xml process instruction also in the Docbook prolog. 2003-12-16 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (dots): document enddots spacing. 2003-12-16 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\dots): Use \hfil instead of \hss and only the stretch factor in explicit skips; I don't suppose the dots will overlap. (\enddots): Merged with \dots. 2003-12-16 Karl Berry * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): quote the src= arg in the Info case, since apparently that's what Jan implemented. Report from: Torsten Bronger , 16 Dec 2003 12:55:30 +0100. * util/dir-example: wdiff tools. 2003-12-15 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\dofloat): Move \startsavinginserts before the begin of the vtop; it's still local---within the group open by \float. (\dofloat, \Efloat): Fix indentation. 2003-12-15 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\innerdef, \innernewcount): Nuked. (\getfloatno): New macro, to establish the right float count. 2003-12-15 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\innernewbox): Nuked, the call expanded. 2003-12-14 Karl Berry * makeinfo/tests/*: unset TEXINFO_OUTPUT where necessary. 2003-12-13 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Smallcaps, acronym): Compare and contrast these a bit more fully. * doc/texinfo.tex (\setfontstyle): just \def the string; since we are \edef'd, we can't make ourselves a control sequence. (\selectfonts): new macro. (\doacronym): print acronym in smaller size, and \unsepspaces for if we're called inside @display. (\registeredsymbol): we can use \lllsize here too. * configure.ac: gettext 0.13 (many generated files updated). * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): 1.8. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: give warning if TEXINFO_OUTPUT value is unrecognized. * doc/texinfo.txi (makeinfo options): document TEXINFO_OUTPUT. * doc/texinfo.txi (tex): document @LaTeX. * doc/texinfo.tex (\loggingall): reduce \errorcontextlines for sake of infinite loops. (\setfontstyle): \def better than \edef? (\commondummies): LaTeX is a new dummy. (\indexdummies): likewise. (\indexdummylatex): sorted the obvious way. * doc/texinfo.tex (\LaTeX): New macro for new command. (\setfontstyle): new macro to remember current font style. (\rm,\it,\sl,\bf,\tt,\sf,\ttsl): call it; all but the last two are new too. (\ssecsc): use correct magnification, we do for everything else. (\reducedrm..\reducedsy): new fonts. (\reducedfonts): new macro. (\textfonts..\smallerfonts): set \lsize and \lllsize macros. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): changed TEXINFO_XML_OUTPUT to TEXINFO_OUTPUT. It now specifies the default output format. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): implemented basic line continuation. 2003-12-13 Karl Berry * CVSROOT/loginfo: put filename/version number in mail subject. * util/srclist.txt (help2man): remove, we require cvs-builders to have this installed now (or accept `missing's replacement), along with the rest of the dev tools. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/defun.c (defun_internal): * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): do not use tables for HTML @deffns. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): strip whitespace from @float arguments. * makeinfo/sectioning.c: last_section_title and last_section_number now default to empty strings. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_LaTeX): new function for @LaTeX{}. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: new latex entity. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: new element DIMENSION. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dmn): new function for @dmn. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): if TEXINFO_XML_OUTPUT envvar is set, default to XML output. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): enabling one output format effectively disables others. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/lang.h: * makeinfo/lang.c (current_document_encoding): new function. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): specify encoding in the XML prolog if different from no_encoding. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: moved documentlanguage out of para. 2003-12-13 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (add_new_float): now expects position argument too. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): read arguments from @float line, do not look for @anchor. (end_insertion): changed info caption style. (cm_caption): use is_in_insertion_of_type instead of current_insertion_type. * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c: new element floatpos. (xml_begin_enumerate): check actual supplied value, not first digit. Also special case for GPL's silly `@enumerate 0'. From Aharon Robbins Tue, 9 Dec 2003 12:38:04 +0200. 2003-12-12 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (ifnotdocbook,ifnotxml): define these @-commands. Report from Arnold. * doc/texinfo.tex (\setfilename): make the \openout\auxfile be \immediate, again. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\envparseargdef): New macro, a combination of \envdef and \parseargdef. (\enumerate, \float): Use it. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\float, \Efloat, \caption, \shortcaption): (\listoffloats): Adapt to the new environment definition framework. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\setref, \xrefX): Make the ``\indexnofonts'' setups in these two consistent. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\innernewbox): New macro, non-outer \newbox. (\newsaveinsX): Use it. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex: after test for epsf.tex, \closein 1, even if the file wasn't there. (\summarycontents, \tryauxfile): Similarily, \closein 1 even if eof. (\startcontents, \contents, \summarycontents): fix indentation. 2003-12-09 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfmakeoutlines): Fix a typo, need \def\thisubsecnum not \let. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\makedefun): Add `\def\deffnheader' or the like at the end; all calls of this macro changed. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\normaldefunargs): Renamed to ... (\defunargs): ... this; all callers changed. (\ampdefunargs): Nuked, the only call expanded. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\setfilename): Simplify the code for conditional \input of texinfo.cnf. (\contents): Call \pdfmakeoutlines only if .toc exists. (\pdfmakeoutlines): Thus .toc must exist, no need to check again. (\documentlanguage): Simplify, fix indentation. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\center): Separate the horizontal and vetical... (\centerH, \centerV): ... versions; account for \leftskip in \centerV. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\group, \Egroup): Don't call \offinterlineskip; to fix the line spacing after the group, propagate \prevdepth. (Else, @exdent inside @group gets the wrong spacing.) 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\acronym): Check for second parameter, ... (\doacronym): using this new function; remove smallcaps. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfmakeoutlines): Make the counting macros robust, so that they won't break on incorrectly nested sections. (For instance, in the bzip2 manual.) 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\author): If appears inside a @quotation environment, interpret it as an affiliation; otherwise it has to appear directly inside @titlepage. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\argremovec, \argcheckspaces): Add support for continued lines to \parsearg, while ... (\domakedefun, \printdefunline): ... removing it from @defun's ... (\parsedefunline): ... and thus nuking this. (\startdefunx): Replaced by ... (\dodefunx): ... this; it reuses the code of the respective @defun. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\defparsearg): Rename to ... (\parseargdef): ... this; all uses changed. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal New framework for environments in texinfo.tex. It's used like this: \envdef\foo{...} \def\Efoo{...} It's the responsibility of \envdef to insert \begingroup before the actual body; @end closes the group after calling \Efoo. \envdef also defines \thisenv, so the current environment is known; @end checks whether the environment name matches. The \checkenv macro can be used also elsewhere to check whether the current environment is the one expected. Non-false conditionals (@iftex, @ifset) don't fit into this, so they are not treated as enviroments; they don't open a group. (The implementation of @end takes care not to call \endgroup in this special case.) * doc/texinfo.tex: All environment definitions, true conditionals and @ifset, @ifclear, changed. Another issue: @set and @value allowed - and _ in variable names, but @clear, @ifset and @ifclear were not ready to accept such variables. * doc/texinfo.tex (@set, @clear, @ifset, @ifclear): Call \makevalueexpandable. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\multitable): Move \everytab={} and the check for saved inserts to \everycr; thus \item is \crcr again. (\Emultitable): Call \setpercentfalse only after the last \crcr. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): Read it, unconditinally; don't open the aux file for writing. (\tryauxfile): A new wrapper around \readauxfile, which checks whether the file exists. (\setfilename): Call \tryauxfile, then open the aux file for writing. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): Don't hide serious problems by setting the catcode of backslash to other. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\setref): Call \indexnofonts to get nicer names of reference identifiers expanded in \edef. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\scanmacro): Add \spaceisspace, in case we are in an environment with active spaces; without this, \eatspaces didn't work. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\scanmacro): Define only one version, using ... (\scantokens): ... which is a primitive of e-TeX; under ordinary TeX, define a replacement. 2003-12-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\spaceisspace): A macro which resets space's catcode to its normal value; use where appropriate. 2003-12-08 Karl Berry * util/texi2dvi: use etex/pdfetex if available. (findprog): new helper fn. * NEWS (texi2dvi): mention this. * doc/texinfo.txi (Format with texi2dvi): use @TeX{} instead of @code{tex}, since we don't literally run `tex' any more. * info/session.c (info_select_reference_this_line): don't crash if we have no window->line_starts, as it is after set-screen-height to less than 5. Report from: Christian Biere , 8 Dec 2003 19:12:08 +0100. * doc/texinfo.tex (\comma): new command. * bootstrap: make need for --enable-maintainer-mode more explicit. * doc/texinfo.tex (\xrefX): otherify everything before getting the -title \csname, so that _'s (et al.) are allowed. 2003-12-07 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\xrefX): handle float case. (\parsefloat): take additional optional arg for xref label. (\dofloat): call \setref to define the float in the aux file. (\Yfloat): new macro for \setref. (\floatmagic): new macro for \xrefX and \dofloat to communicate. 2003-12-03 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Not Ending a Sentence): mention special entities output for @: in Docbook and XML. 2003-12-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_punct): new function to handle @., @! and @? commands. (cm_comment): crunch multiple dashes to a single dash for XML validity. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: new entities: period, eosperiod, quest, eosquest, excl, eosexcl. 2003-12-02 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): look for a newline before @anchor and @caption commands in floatenv. 2003-12-2 Arnold Robbins * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): Change tests for docbook and insertion to check current insertion type instead of if deep inside a float insertion. (cm_example, cm_smallexample, cm_lisp, cm_smalllisp, cm_cartouche) (cm_caption): Same. * xml.h (FLOATCARTOUCHE): New constant. * xml.c (texinfoxml_element_list, docbook_element_list): Add "sidebar" for FLOATCARTOUCHE. For docbook, map @display, @smalldisplay to "literallayout". (replacement_elements): Add entry for CARTOUCHE -> FLOATCARTOUCHE. (xml_begin_docbook_float): Special case for CARTOUCHE, sidebars don't have labels. 2003-12-01 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\float, \listoffloats): new macros for new @-commands -- skeletal implementation only now. From: Aharon Robbins , 1 Dec 2003 17:43:12 +0200: * makeinfo/float.h (current_float_type): declare. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_colon): new fn. (command_table): use it for @:. 2003-11-29 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (@turnoffactive): include @unsepspaces, so spaces in anchor names don't expand in the .aux file. From Stepan. 2003-11-28 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Abstract Objects): class names are no longer printed in rm by default. * doc/texinfo.tex (\cite): redefine to always use \sl, never \ttsl. * doc/texinfo.tex (\ttslanted): new macro. (\normaldefunargs): use it for @var; go back to \sl by default. * doc/texinfo.txi: document @deftypecv. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment): do not perform expansion. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_r): also set font-weight to normal in HTML. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_comment): new function to output comments in HTML, XML and Docbook outputs. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c: new section and section_name properties in index_elt struct. * makeinfo/index.c (index_add_arg): save current section number and title for plain text output. (cm_printindex): simplified printing with no_headers output. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.h: new section and section_name properties in float_elt struct. * makeinfo/float.c (add_new_float): save current section number and title for plain text output. (cm_listoffloats): list floats with no_headers too, following printindex @example. 2003-11-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.h: * makeinfo/sectioning.c (current_sectioning_number) (current_sectioning_title): new functions. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (get_sectioning_number): moved space char at the end of numbers to ... (insert_and_underscore, sectioning_html): here. (get_sectioning_number, insert_and_underscore): keep track of the last number/title to be used by @float, @cindex like commands that need to know in which section they are used. 2003-11-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_math): new function that encloses @math statements in a math element in XML. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element math. 2003-11-27 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): made the layout in Info output the same with indices. 2003-11-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c (cm_listoffloats): generate a menu for Info, with automatically shortened captions. 2003-11-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_acronym): use acronym element for HTML. Report from: Torsten Bronger Tue, 25 Nov 2003 10:30:52 +0100. 2003-11-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (cm_appendix): reset numbers only when changing enum_marker. 2003-11-25 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): made Appendix matching locale aware. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): also catch Appendix and A.1 kind of numbers with --no-headers Info output. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_example): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_docbook_image, xml_begin_multitable): moved common floatenv handling to ... (xml_begin_docbook_float): here. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion, cm_smallexample, cm_lisp) (cm_smalllisp): insert FLOATEXAMPLE for Docbook if inside @float. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (is_in_insertion_of_type): don't return the level, as it is not useful. (begin_insertion): instead of is_in_insertion_of_type, use float_active. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_example): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_docbook_image, xml_begin_multitable): insert empty label for @floats with no @anchor. 2003-11-24 Karl Berry * doc/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): remove no-longer-defined noinst_SCRIPTS. 2003-11-24 Akim Demaille * configure.ac (HELP2MAN): Look for it. * doc/help2man: Remove. * doc/Makefile.am (HELP2MAN, noinst_SCRIPT): Remove. (common_mandeps): Don't depend on HELP2MAN which can be a complex command such as "missing --run help2man. 2003-11-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: doc/\global fixes. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: new command @listoffloats. * makeinfo/float.c (count_floats_of_type_in_chapter): only count floats with @anchors. (cm_listoffloats): new function. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): do not prepend float type and number if no @anchors. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new element listoffloats. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: number sections by default. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): if a reference is being made to a float with only one parameter, use the float number in HTML, and prepend it to the link in Info outputs. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.h: * makeinfo/float.c (get_float_ref): new function to retrieve a float's number by its id. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): indent the first paragraph after @float. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: new commands @float and @caption. * makeinfo/insertion.h: new environment floatenv. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_float, cm_caption): new functions. (begin_insertion, end_insertion): handle floatenv. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new elements float, floattype, caption, floattable, floatfigure, floatexample. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_example): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_docbook_image, xml_begin_multitable): insert label and id attributes, title element for docbook if used inside @float. * makeinfo/xml.c: replacements for multitable and informalfigure. (xml_insert_element_with_attribute): special-cased float element for docbook to make it appear in element stack and thus enable element replacements inside floatenv. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/float.c: * makeinfo/float.h: new files for float environment functions. * makeinfo/Makefile.am: added new files to makeinfo_SOURCES. 2003-11-24 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): xstrdup the result from xml_get_assoc_for_id, as it gets freed later. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_get_assoc_for_id, xml_associate_title_with_id): reimplemented unnumbered_labels handling. (xml_insert_docbook_image): Docbook expects format attribute values to be uppercase. 2003-11-23 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: doc fix for multitable. * util/gendocs.sh: docbook support, from Simon Josefsson. * doc/texinfo.tex (\defttsl): new font. (\df): set ttsl too. (\deffngeneral,\deftypefngeneral,\deftypecvgeneral, \deftypheader): call \ampdefunargs or \normaldefunargs. (\normaldefunargs): new macro, typesetting defun args in ttsl (instead of sl). (\ampdefunargs): treat & specially and then call \normaldefunargs. (\defname): typeset defun name in tt (instead of bf). * doc/texinfo.tex: uniformly comment out eol with {% at macro starts. 2003-11-23 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (is_in_insertion_of_type): return the level where the insertion is found. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (search_forward_until_pos): new function that sets search_forward boundary. (text_expansion): also reset docbook. * makeinfo/sectioning.h: * makeinfo/sectioning.c (current_chapter_number): new function that returns top level chapter numbers. (handle_enum_increment): always do the incrementation. but return strings conditionally. * makeinfo/xml.c: changed screen element's contained_in_para to 0 for Docbook. @lisp/@smalllisp create programlisting. (xml_insert_quotation): reimplemented quotation_stack handling. 2003-11-22 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\tocentry): same as \entry, no second 1pt of stretch. And a couple doc fixes. * doc/texinfo.txi (Conventions): finally, get rid of @vskip -@baselineskip kludge, we handle index entries after @item's now. 2003-11-22 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.txi: use new @quotation feature. * texinfo.tex (\putwordDeftypevar, \putwordDeftypefun): Remove. * txi-cs.tex, txi-de.tex, txi-en.tex, txi-es.tex, txi-fr.tex, txi-it.tex. txi-nl.tex, txi-no.tex, txi-pl.tex, txi-pt.tex, txi-tr.tex: The same. [texinfo-20031120-deftype-del.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\verbatim,\Everbatim): remove one extra level of grouping; move two lines of code ... (\setupverbatim): ... here. (\doverbatiminclude): just call the new \setupverbatim. (\setupverbatiminclude): remove. [texinfo-20031121-verbatim2.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\math): no need for \mathcode, and we actually can use $ not \implicitmath. [texinfo-20031121-math.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\zeroskipmacro): new macro, so we can check for true zero skip. (\dosubindsanitize): use it. [texinfo-20031120-zeroskip.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignore): scan in verbatim mode. Without this, if the last line of ignored text ended with ``@'', the ``@end ifxxx'' tag was missed. (\dodoignore): use \_STOP_ instead of \ST@P. [texinfo-20031120-ignore-at.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\defparsearg): new macro, to simplify places where the user macro just calls \parsearg. Use it in many places. [texinfo-20031121-defparsearg.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\begin): remove, this is undocumented and unused. [texinfo-20031121-begin.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\title,\subtitle,\author,...): move to outer level (was inside \titlepage), it's more readable than nested definitions. [texinfo-20031116-titlepage1.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\evenheadingxxx,\oddfootingyyy): might as well use \ and avoid changing catcode of @. [texinfo-20031116-catofat.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\set): use new macros: \parseargusing and \makecsname. [texinfo-20031116-set.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\cartouche): avoid \par if we are already in vertical mode, in case it has an effect, eg. in an @example; avoid extra space from the @cartouche line itself. (\Ecartouche): force vertical mode, so that the \kern has the desired effect. [texinfo-20031120-cart.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\ptexfootnote,\ptexinsert): save orig definitions. (\startsavinginserts): new macro (with relatives), call from \cartouche, \group, \table. [texinfo-20031118-saveins.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\table, \ftable, \vtable, \tablex, \tabley, \tablez): Cleaned up indentation, etc. (\kitem, \kitemx, \xitem, \xtemx, \description): Removed; they didn't look as if they would work in their present state, anyway. [texinfo-20031114-table.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\filenamecatcodes): new macro. (\include,\verbatiminclude): use it, with new \parseargusing. (\pushthisfilestack,etc.): implement our own stack of filenames instead of reading the @include argument in a group. [texinfo-20031109-include.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\indexbreaks): remove, and remove call. (\entry): read arguments on the fly, to avoid fixing catcodes. [texinfo-20031121-indexbreaks.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\makevalueexpandable): new macro. Change occurrences of \let\value=\expandablevalue to use it, to reduce code duplication. [texinfo-20031121-value.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\parsedefunlineX,\defunchkspace,defunchktab, \defunloop,\defunchkfinish,\replaceeols): New macros. (\parsedefunline): start them off. This is to support continuations lines for @defun headers. [texinfo-20031108-defun-cont.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\defun and all related commands): rewrite to use \parsearg and uniform command generation. (\makecsname): New macro, to be used within \edef's only. [texinfo-20031120-defun.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (=, \equalChar): remove active definition of = and hacks that printed = in \tt sometimes. We want to print everything in \tt anyway, ultimately. [texinfo-20031120-defun-pres3.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\defopheader,\defcvarheader,defivarheader): use \code for the class name. [texinfo-defun-pres2.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\parsearg): Reset the catcode of space before we scan the argument; so we don't have to worry about obeyed spaces before and after the argument. (\parseargx, \parseargy): Nuke, it was wrong anyway--\obeyedspace, which is a macro, was compared with \temp which could have been let to an obeyed space, but it couldn't be a macro. (\removeactivespaces,\removeactivespacesX,\removeactivespacesY): Nuke. (\argremovespace): If the argument scanned by \parsearg ends with a space, remove it. [texinfo-20031108-parsearg-space.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex: use \other, for clarity and efficiency; use `\^^M instead of raw number 13. [texinfo-20031108-other.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\doverbatim): \xdef and \gobble, to avoid the active space between `\end' and `verbatim'. [texinfo-20031120-verbatim.patch] * doc/texinfo.tex (\quotationlabel): new macro to print label, with a \bf space. (\quotation): change call so \parsearg is at the end. [texinfo-20031118-quot.patch] 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): removed the warning about @xrefs to @unnumbered sections, as there are many situations where there is no way to fix them. * makeinfo/insertion.c: removed lingering titlepage_cmd_present declaration. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_titlepage, cm_titlepage_cmds): moved to ... * makeinfo/insertion.c: here. * makeinfo/cmds.h (titlepage_cmd_present): moved to ... * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: here. * makeinfo/insertion.c (is_in_insertion_of_type): new function to query insertion_stack to see if we are inside a given insertion type. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_add_char): * makeinfo/xml.h: removed xml_in_copying and inside_titlepage_cmd global variables in favor of the new query function. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (discard_until, execute_string): reworded multiline related error messages. (discard_until): rollback input_text_offset only if not dealing with a multiline error, otherwise the same block gets in the way repeatedly. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_get_assoc_for_id, xml_associate_title_with_id): new functions. (xml_insert_indexentry): call execute_string(xref) instead of creating references directly. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): check to see if xref is being made to an @unnumbered, and only one argument is given. issue a warning, use @unnumbered's title as the third argument. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): keep track of unnumbered sections, and their node names. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): for Docbook, always provide label attribute for chapter and unnumbered. (handle_enum_increment): simplified enumeration constraints, and changed to follow TeX way. Moved marker handling to ... (cm_chapter, cm_unnumbered, cm_appendix): here. (cm_appendix): restart numbering. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.h: * makeinfo/insertion.c: new rawdocbook and rawxml insertion types to provide better block names in error messages (instead of "rawhtml" for everything.) (current_item_function, insertion_type_pname, find_type_from_name) (begin_insertion, end_insertion, discard_insertions, cm_docbook) (cm_xml, cm_item): honor new types. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_image): issue only a warning instead of an error when .txt file is unreadable, to better comply with the manual. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): insert label="" only when the output format is Docbook. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_end): get rest of the line before returning in case of error, so the parameter to @end does not get leaked into the output document. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (discard_until): when the expected string is not found, check to see if we are looking for @end, and if so issue a more descriptive error message. (execute_string): keep track of insertion stack to catch multiline commands where they are not allowed. Report from: Dumas Patrice , Wed, 18 Jun 2003 09:41:56 +0200. 2003-11-21 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item): start immediately if this a regular @item, and first in the table 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/footnote.c (output_pending_notes): always output footnotes with in_fixed_width_font = 0, so entity substitutions can take place. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/footnote.c (cm_footnote, output_pending_notes): provide back link from footnote marker. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_insert_copying): remove blockquote from copying_text when inside bookinfo and the output format is Docbook. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value): return immediately instead of just suppressing bogus warnings. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_value): do not issue bogus warnings about undefined values when @value is used inside a @menu environment, and the output format is Docbook. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_underscore): use @settitle value if @top parameter is empty. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_index): make sure we are removing the label attribute and not something else. 2003-11-19 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/sectioning.c (get_sectioning_number): do not append space with Docbook. (sectioning_underscore): insert label attribute to make distinction between chapter and unnumbered in Docbook. (handle_enum_increment): also increment for Docbook. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_index): remove label attribute from index element. 2003-11-18 Karl Berry * cmds.c (command_table): new commands @deftypecv, @deftypecvx. * defun.c, insertion.[ch], xml.c: implement them. 2003-11-18 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): better para handling in case of nested executions. 2003-11-18 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Multi-column Tables): include cmd name in section name. (Multitable Rows): use @headitem in example. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_begin_document): upgraded docbook DTD to Docbook XML 4.2. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_insert_docbook_image, xml_insert_indexentry) (xml_begin_multitable): close previously open-tag-only elements. 2003-11-17 Karl Berry * bootstrap: honor environment variables. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): end paragraphs if executing @copying text with xml. * makeinfo/xml.c: disallow nested quotations, legalnotice in abstract, and samp in var with Docbook. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): keep @copying state. use legalnotice instead of abstract for @copying. (cm_insert_copying): removed redundant work arounds. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (execute_string): try to keep tags balanced with Docbook and xml. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_current_stack_index, xml_end_current_element): new functions. (xml_add_char): enclose @copying text in a quotation element with Docbook. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_settitle): do not automatically start bookinfo element after settitle. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_synindex): new function to keep track of index redirections. (xml_insert_indexterm): added a check to see if any index redirections are made. * makeinfo/index.c (cm_synindex): let xml_synindex() handle xml part. 2003-11-17 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_uref): * makeinfo/xml.c: use ulink for @uref with Docbook. 2003-11-16 Karl Berry * util/install-info.c: protoize. * util/texindex.c: protoize. * util/dir-example (protoize,unprotoize): add. * doc/texinfo.tex (\everytab): new \toks. (\headitem): use it to typeset in bold. (\item): reset it. 2003-11-15 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (quotation): document it. * doc/texinfo.tex (\quotation): accept optional argument. (\doquotation): new macro to test for and typeset it. * doc/texinfo.txi (Multitable Rows): document @headitem. * doc/texinfo.tex (\headitem): error by default, redefine inside @multitable (= \dotable). New command suggested by Arnold. 2003-11-15 Akim Demaille * util/texi2dvi (fatal): New function. Use it. (txiversion): Be robust to broken texinfo.tex. * doc/texinfo.txi (example): mention use of @r for annotations. 2003-11-15 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: new command @headitem. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_headitem): new function. * makeinfo/insertion.h: new variables to keep head item state. * makeinfo/multi.c (multitable_item, end_multitable): * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_end_multitable_row, xml_end_multitable): insert thead element if @headitem is used. * makeinfo/xml.h: new element THEAD. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: updated multitable structure. * NEWS: announced @headitem. 2003-11-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (cm_xref): make use of third and fifth arguments of @xref with Docbook. * makeinfo/xml.c: use Docbook citetitle for @cite. 2003-11-13 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: doc fixes. * configure.ac, NEWS: autoconf 2.59. 2003-11-13 Akim Demaille * configure.ac: Use AC_CHECK_DECLS, not txi_CHECK_DECLS. Also use # instead of dnl for comments. * acinclude.m4: Remove. 2003-11-14 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_noindent): output continued paragraphs with docbook and xml only when @noindent command is used. (cm_noindent_cmd): new function. Patch from Arnold Robbins , 13 Nov 2003 15:43:02 +0200. 2003-11-11 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_i, cm_b, cm_r): do not use lineannotation if we are printing indices. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_insert_copying): removed unnecessary xml fix. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: added OElig and oelig entities. 2003-11-11 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_sp): disabled parameter expansion. 2003-11-10 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_html): do not process @xml blocks. (cm_xml): new function to process @xml. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_start_para, xml_end_para): skip para handling in footnote. (xml_insert_footnote): keep state in xml_in_footnote variable. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: updated settitle definition. 2003-11-10 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Output Formats): rewrite to fix underfull boxes. 2003-11-10 Alper Ersoy * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummies): added registeredsymbol. 2003-11-09 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): fixed a segfault with --html --no-header. 2003-11-09 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): output node name in title first. 2003-11-09 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new Docbook elements for quotation: tip, note, important, warning, caution. * makeinfo/xml.c: better font tags for Docbook. (xml_insert_quotation): new function that is aware of specialized Docbook elements for quotation. (xml_insert_entity): use add_char() instead of insert() for correct paragraph handling. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion, end_insertion): use xml_insert_quotation() for quotations. (cm_quotation): removed quotation element insertion. (cm_insert_copying): also work around xml tags. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_b): really use bold with Docbook. * NEWS: @quotation changes. 2003-11-08 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (registeredsymbol): new node. * doc/Makefile.am (HELP2MAN): invoke explicitly from $(srcdir), in case . is not in PATH. * configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_HEADERS): apparent AM_CONFIG_HEADERS is obsolete now, and we get to use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS again. * doc/texinfo.txi (Fonts): mention feature in Docbook feature. * doc/texinfo.txi (itemx): warn not to use blank lines between @itemx's. 2003-11-08 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_i, cm_b, cm_r): for Docbook, use in @example-like environments. (cm_r): For HTML use to make sure we always get roman text. * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: new docbook element . Added also to replace_elements to avoid nesting. 2003-11-08 Alper Ersoy * doc/texinfo.txi (Custom Headings): removed a newline that broke Docbook output. * NEWS: * makeinfo/cmds.c: new command @registeredsymbol * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_registeredsymbol): new function. (cm_code): fixed in_fixed_width_font adjustment for XML and Docbook outputs. (cm_noindent, cm_indent): set xml_no_indent as well. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (reader_loop): use entities for double quotes and dashes in HTML, XML and Docbook outputs. * makeinfo/multi.c (setup_multitable_parameters): convert @columnfractions to integer percentages (original code from Arnold Robbins .) (multitable_item, cm_tab): add width attribute to element if @columnfractions is used. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: added an optional role attribute to para element (used for @noindent.) New attributes ldquo, rdquo, ndash, mdash, registered. * makeinfo/xml.c: replaced repeated command element with more appropriate Docbook elements in docbook_element_list. (xml_start_para, xml_end_para): new functions to centralize paragraph handling. * makeinfo/xml.h: new variable xml_no_indent. 2003-11-07 Karl Berry * bootstrap: run the various auto* tools we need instead of autoreconf, which copies in older versions of files. * doc/Makefile.am (texinfo): remove the special rule, it seems to be fixed. * Makefile.am (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): bump to 1.7.8. * doc/version.texi, doc/version-stnd.texi: cvs add these again, because with AM_MAINTAINER_MODE they are not created (unless --enable-maintainer-mode is given). * doc/Makefile.am (*.1) [MAINTAINER_MODE]: use this conditional instead of TEXINFO_MAINT, now that we have it. * configure.ac (TEXINFO_MAINT): no longer needed, since we call AM_MAINTAINER_MODE. 2003-11-06 Karl Berry * bootstrap: ok, restore --force since it doesn't help Alper anyway. * AUTHORS: Silly syntax. * bootstrap: no --force, everything is considered obsolete then (thanks Alper). 2003-11-06 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): add elements pointing to top, up, next, prev nodes when splitting output, and to top when not splitting. Also provide a link to Texinfo homepage. (add_link): use nodename as title attribute. 2003-11-05 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/html.c (html_output_head): append node name to title if splitting. Escape special chars in title. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): removed elements from HTML node navigation
          as they are only allowed in . 2003-11-05 Alper Ersoy * doc/texinfo.txi (Installing Dir Entries): fixed @uref for Free Software Directory. (Command List): Escaped @/. * info/display.c (handle_tag, handle_tag_start, handle_tag_end): new functions. (display_update_one_window): ignore the text between magic tags/cookies. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_dots, cm_enddots): use insert_string() for HTML to avoid escaping. (cm_bullet): use entity name (bull) instead of number (149). * makeinfo/index.c (cm_printindex): escape expanded_index. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_accent_generic_html): handle @dotless{i} correctly. (cm_special_char): use entity names for @OE (OElig) and @oe (oelig) instead of numbers. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): escape node names in HTML output. * makeinfo/xml.c (xml_id): check to see if the character is allowed. * makeinfo/tests/accent-text.txi: new @dotless{j} lines. * makeinfo/tests/accent: look for ´j instead of ´i. * TODO: removed item about @dotless in HTML output. 2003-11-04 Karl Berry * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): spurious space after trailing backslash. * configure.ac (AC_PREREQ): 2.58. 2003-11-03 Karl Berry * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add gdoc. 2003-11-02 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh: doc fix. * doc/texinfo.txi (Using Texinfo): merge most details into ... (Output Formats): ... this section. * util/dir-example (VM): add. 2003-11-01 Alper Ersoy * doc/texinfo.txi (Conditional Commands): Docbook text should really use @ifdocbook. * info/info.c (raw_escapes_p): 1 by default. (long_options): new option no-raw-escapes. * doc/info-stnd.texi (Invoking Info): document it. 2003-10-31 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/xml.c: * makeinfo/xml.h: * makeinfo/insertion.c (handle_verbatim_environment): use for @verbatim in docbook output too. 2003-10-31 Karl Berry * TODO: image scaling in html needed. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): only give the warning if we're actually producing Info output. * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): reword message and check for only *Note:, not *Note:*. From: Kevin Ryde , 31 Oct 2003 06:19:05 +1000. 2003-10-29 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Def Cmd Template): shorten. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: help message. * doc/texinfo.tex: version update. * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: update copyright. 2003-10-28 Alper Ersoy * makeinfo/cmds.c: output correct elements for @command, @env, @file, @option and @samp commands, and also handle @titlepage in xml output. New commands: @docbook, @ifdocbook and @ifnotdocbook for conditional docbook output. * makeinfo/defun.c (args_from_string): allow comma to be recognized as a separate token to help XML side of things. (process_defun_args): let xml.c handle xml output. * makeinfo/insertion.c: handle @verbatim properly when outputting xml. This means: surround data with a block, use and disable escaping. Recognize @titlepage, @docbook, @ifdocbook and @ifnotdocbook. (cm_insert_copying): do not trust the consistency of copying_text, because full_expansion doesn't let open docbook elements to be closed. (cm_item): generate correct index entries in xml output. * makeinfo/insertion.h: new insertion types: ifdocbook, ifnotdocbook, titlepage. * makeinfo/lang.c: notify language changes with @documentlanguage in xml output, using elements. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c: trailing encoding settings in html output are commented. Do not append any encoding settings to xml and docbook outputs. Set process_docbook variable for @docbook, etc. and updated --help about it. (set): (clear): Output @set and @clear in xml so it's possible to pass variables to further processors. * makeinfo/makeinfo.h: process_docbook and inside_titlepage_cmd (to check validity of @author, @title, @subtitle, etc.) * makeinfo/sectioning.c: heading-only commands (@chaphading, etc.) do not start/end sections in xml output. They are now equivalents of the title element. * makeinfo/toc.c: @contents and @shortcontents now appear in the output. * makeinfo/xml.c: changed element_list typedefs to also note whether an element is filled. Prefilled elements get xml:space="preserve" attribute. Added xml prolog. Root element in xml output gets the document language like it does in docbook, but with xml:lang. Removed indentation for xml output. Also lines in paragraphs are joined. (xml_process_defun_args): (xml_begin_definition): (xml_end_definition): (xml_begin_def_term): (xml_end_def_term): functions to handle @def environments. * makeinfo/xml.h: new elements in xml_element enum: TITLEPAGE, AUTHOR, BOOKTITLE, BOOKSUBTITLE, COMMAND_TAG, ENV, FILE_TAG, OPTION, SAMP, CONTENTS, SHORTCONTENTS, DOCUMENTLANGUAGE, VERBATIM, SETVALUE, CLEARVALUE, DEF*. (Suffices of COMMAND_TAG and FILE_TAG are to avoid variable name clashes.) * makeinfo/texinfo.dtd: updated to reflect changes. * doc/texinfo.tex: skip @docbook and @ifdocbook. 2003-10-28 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh: new -o option to specify output directory. 2003-10-27 Karl Berry * lib/system.h (LC_MESSAGES): no longer needed according to Bruno, libintl.h defines it. Message of 16 Jul 2003 18:17:23 +0200. 2003-10-27 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\defname): be sure to declare the space we get from \rightskip in the first line. (\parsebodycommon): Be careful not to issue \medbreak after \penalty 2000. (\defxbodycommon): The penalty changed from 2000 to 3000; it should be higher that the one in \parsebodycommon. -- added "@c vim:sw=2:" near the end, for my comfort. 2003-10-27 Stepan Kasal More cleanup of active chars in @defxx arguments: * doc/texinfo.tex (\opnr, \clnr): Reimplemented, ... (\oprm, \clrm, \opnested, \ampnr): ... nuking these, and using ... (\parenfont, \infirstlevel, \bfafterword): ... 3 new macros, ... (\ifampseen): ... and a new \if. (\brackcount): New count, to count also square braces, ... (\lbrb, \rbrb): ... here. (\checkparencounts): Macros to check whether both counts get back to 0; ... (\badparencount, \badbrackcount): ... if not, issue an error message and reset the respective count. (\deftypefnheaderx): Don't call \normalparens, it has no effect. (\defvarargs): Call \boldbrax instead of \normalparens. (\normalparens): Nuked. 2003-10-26 Eli Zaretskii * info/session.c (info_menu_or_ref_item): If point is before all the cross-references, use the first one as the default, instead of setting which to -1 and crashing. (Patch originally sent 2000-10-09.) Debian bug 74278, reported from: Josip Rodin , 7 Oct 2000 19:44:24 +0200. 2003-10-26 Karl Berry * configure.ac (AM_MAINTAINER_MODE): enable, to avoid lossage when Texinfo sources are imported into other repositories (NetBSD, TeX Live). Most recently suggested by Thomas Klausner , 9 Sep 2003 14:57:09 +0200. * makeinfo/node.c (validate_file): ensure tem1 && tem2 before running STREQ. Report from: Akim Demaille , 13 Oct 2003 10:43:10 +0200. * doc/Makefile.am (infokey.1): new target. (man_MANS): include infokey.1. Noticed this in Debian diff. * util/texi2dvi: check for tex up front; inspired by Debian diff. * TODO: makeinfo -E should do simple macro expansion, not validity checking (even syntax, for @tex processing). From: Stepan Kasal , 24 Oct 2003 19:10:02 +0200. Start at making makeinfo -E behave more like a macro preprocessor, avoiding consistency checks. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_menu,cm_detailmenu): avoid checks if macro_expansion_output_stream. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (main): set validating=0 if macro_expansion_output_stream. * util/texi2dvi (comment_iftex_sed): don't think we need to comment out @ifhtml sections here, makeinfo will not expand them by default. 2003-10-25 Karl Berry * info/info.c: --raw-escapes affects Info files, not just man pages. * doc/texinfo.tex: novalis doesn't like my clarification, so make it a special exception instead. 2003-10-24 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\defname): Cleanup of this macro. (\boldbraxnoamp): Nuked, it's equivalent to \boldbrax; the caller changed. Other minor cleanups around active paretheses. (\defunargs): After reporting the "Unbalanced paretheses" error, reset the count. 2003-10-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (makeinfo advantages): mention that plain text --no-headers does --enable-encoding. 2003-10-23 Karl Berry * makeinfo/macro.c (define_macro): write the macro definition itself to the output stream, to give texinfo.tex a chance at it. Report from: Akim Demaille , 22 Oct 2003 17:15:34 +0200. * doc/texinfo.tex (\readauxfile): make the \openout\auxfile be \immediate, to avoid spurious terminal output from the \immediate's in \setref. 2003-10-23 Stepan Kasal Rewrite \parsearg: * doc/texinfo.tex (\parsearg, \parseargusing): \parseargusing is a new macro which works just like good old \parsearg but takes one more parameter which contains code to be performed within a group just before we slurp the rest of the line---typically, some catcode chages go here. (\parseargx): Insert an \empty token before the arg to be read, to prevent loosing of braces. (Thus @end{foo} no longer works.) (\parseargline, \argremovecomment, \argremovec): Change the way comments are stripped; do not use \toks0. (\removeactivespaces): is now called directly from \parsearg (via \parseargusing and \argremovec), and stripps only the trainling active spaces, doesn't perform expansion. (\finishparsearg): New macro, finishes \parsearg by nuking the added \empty token. (\end, \endxxx): Don't call \removeactivespaces, don't use \toks0; because of efficiency, move the error handling to ... (\badenderror): ... a new macro. (\doverbatim): ``\end{verbatim}'' changed to ``\end verbatim.'' Cleanup of various details with active spaces. (\parseargx): Do the \futurelet and move the rest ... (\parseargy): ... to a new macro; (\parseargusing): caller changed; (\parseargdiscardspace): the other caller nuked. (\obeyedspace, \sepspaces, \unsepspaces): Move near to \parsearg. (\obeyedspace): Is now a macro containing the active space. (\unsepspaces): No longer makes spaces active. (\ignoreactivespaces): Nuked, it's only appearance in ... (\aliasxxx): ... replaced by direct code. 2003-10-23 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: comments at top. * AUTHORS: add kama. (kama's address is now khmarbaise@gmx.de.) 2003-10-21 Karl Berry * util/gendocs.sh: revision of mohit's original. * util/Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): add gendocs.sh and gendocs_template. 2003-10-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/cmds.c (handle_include): only close_paragraph if !insertion_stack, else we get extra blank lines when used inside @example. * makeinfo/insertion.c (handle_verbatim_include): likewise, plus move the indentation around. Report from: Brian Gough , 20 Oct 2003 14:36:49 +0100. * makeinfo/makeinfo.c (close_paragraph): formatting changes to minimize lines. * makeinfo/insertion.c (end_insertion): for html output in the example/etc. case, kill_self_indent to get rid of leading whitespace. Report from: Brian Gough , 20 Oct 2003 14:36:49 +0100. 2003-10-16 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\shortcontbf): cmb10 scaled \magstep1, not cmb12, since cmb12 is not a standard font. Report from: Staszek Wawrykiewicz , 16 Oct 2003 06:44:40 +0200. 2003-10-14 Karl Berry * lib/xstrdup.c: put old version back, we're not ready for gnulib xmalloc yet. * makeinfo/insertion.c: undo xml_no_para change, it causes more problems than it solves, according to Alper (Ersoy, ). 2003-10-12 Karl Berry * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion,end_insertion): in rawhtml case (also used for rawxml), increment and decrement xml_no_para. * makeinfo/lang.c (cm_documentencoding): force the normal (info) expansion when reading the arg, even when parsing xml/html/docbook. Report from: Kevin Ryde , 13 Oct 2003 10:02:23 +1000. 2003-10-09 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\chapterzzz,...,\unnumberedsubsubseczzz): make section number settings \global. Otherwise, when chapters are @included, they are ineffective and every chapter is numbered 1. For instance, the Emacs and Elisp manuals. Thanks to Stepan for analysis. * doc/texinfo.tex: add arch-tag for miles. 2003-10-08 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\onepageout): At the beginning of \shipout, call \pdfdest directly, not via \pdfmkdest. (\pdfmkdest): Call also \atdummies before \pdfdest. (\donoderef): Remove the unsuccessful attempt to expand \lastnode before passing it to \setref (it only expanded `{' twice); things would screw up if \lastnode was expanded too much. (\setref): Rewritten, don't call \atdummies, don't expand \thissection. (\dosetq, \internalsetq, \Ypagenumber, \Ytitle): Nuked. (\chfplain): Remove referrence to \Ytitle from a comment. 2003-10-08 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: spurious space and comment (from Stepan). * NEWS: automake 1.7.8. * util/dir-example: include netpbm. 2003-10-07 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\defbf, shortcontbf): use \bfshape instead of \bxshape, so we use cmb consistently instead of cmbx. * doc/texinfo.txi: more index entries for em/en dashes, fix capitalizations of cindex entries. 2003-10-07 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\defname): Don't use \ifempty. (\ifempty): Nuke. 2003-10-06 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\dosubind, \doind): Cleanup, move code ... (\dosubindwrite, \dosubindsanitize): ... to new macros, (\emptymacro): and nuke this one. * doc/texinfo.tex (\Ypagenumber): Add `\noexpand,' so that ... (\dosetq): ... doesn't have to redefine \folio. Move \iflinks ... (\setref): ... here. 2003-10-06 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\setdeffont): remove; this used DEF instead of def, and thus had no effect for some years, so clearly no one has been using it. Noticed by Stepan. 2003-10-04 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi: document hyphen -> dash suppression in literal contexts, and verbatim commands not working inside other commands. Report from: Luc Teirlinck , 2 Oct 2003 22:45:14 -0500, * doc/texinfo.tex (\commondummies,\indexnofonts): no-op @verb; I doubt this is sufficient to make @verb work in index entries etc., but it's a start. Analysis from: Andreas Schwab , 02 Oct 2003 18:54:40 +0200. 2003-09-28 Karl Berry * TODO: add item for conversion of non-texinfo manuals. 2003-09-26 Karl Berry * CVSROOT/loginfo: back to log_accum. * doc/texinfo.tex (\parsebodycommon): increase \penalty between headers to 2000 from 0. (\defxbodycommon): check for 10002, not 1000. We don't want to allow a page break after a section heading. Hmm, but it seems this should never be called next after a section heading? 2003-09-25 Karl Berry * makeinfo/cmds.c (cm_strong): warn if argument is exactly "Note:", since that conflicts with Info usage. Suggestion from rms. 2003-09-24 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\dosubind): must propagate penalty after all, because we insert a non-discardable item (the whatsit), which makes following glue a breakpoint. Now I understand (maybe). (\sectionheading): must end with \nobreak after all, purely to make \lastpenalty 10000 so future code can check that and avoid breaks. (\parsebodycommon): such as this code; don't do a \medbreak if lastpenalty >=10000. * doc/texinfo.tex (\tocindent): decrease to 2pc. (\{app,unn}sub{sub,}secentry): redefine so that they indent properly. 2003-09-23 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\dosubind): remove my misbegotten idea of propagating the penalty; all that did was increase the chance of a valid breakpoint. Bug report from: Werner LEMBERG , 23 Sep 2003 15:47:31 +0200. (\numhead,\apphead,\unnmhead): avoid spurious blank spaces, for cleanliness. * CVSROOT/loginfo: syncmail instead of external log_accum. * doc/texinfo.tex (\sectionheading): remove extraneous \nobreak, found by Stepan (of course). 2003-09-22 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\sectionheading): the space below a section heading should have fixed size; \nobreak after a \vskip is redundant. 2003-09-21 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\sectionheading): make space below be half of space above, and don't add \parskip to space above. Suggestion from Han-Wen Nienhuys , implementation ideas from Stepan Kasal , 16 Sep 2003 11:30:43 +0200. 2003-09-21 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\dosuppressfirstparagraphindent): change the redefinition of \indent and \noindent and factor out common parts of all redefinitions to ... (\restorefirstparagraphindent): ... a new macro. 2003-09-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/macro.c (cm_alias): do not expand when calling get_until_in_line, since xml/docbook expansion is empty. Report from: Richard Kreuter , 17 Sep 2003 17:59:58 -0400. * info/signals.c: Clear the screen when exiting from a SIGQUIT. From: Wojciech Polak , 19 Sep 2003 10:27:28 +0200. 2003-09-16 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\sectionheading): there is no need to insert \nobreak before a kern which is not followed by a glue. Such a kern is not a permissible breakpoint. 2003-09-16 Simon Law * doc/texinfo.tex (\dosuppressfirstparagraph): Gobble \noindent if it occurs in the first paragraph. (\ptexnoindent): for saving/restoring \noindent in @tex. (\footnote): Neutralise the effect of @noindent within a footnote. 2003-09-16 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: Changes to make pdf references go to the correct place on the page. This is most easily testable at high magnifications (I used 400% and 800%). (\output): put \the\pageno pdfdest at very beginning of \shipout.(\dopdfoutline): new macro. (\pdfmakeoutlines): recompute all section numbers. (\unnumberedno): \newcount. (\chapterzzz,\appendixzzz,\unnumberedzzz, ..., \unnumberedsubsubseczzz): abstract common elements, keep track of numbering for everything. (\doheading,\dosubheading,\dosubsubheading): call \sectionheading directly instead of \plain*secheading. (\chfplain, \sectionheading): take additional section type argument; call \writetocentry and \donoderef. (\unnchfopen): mention this is deprecated. (\writetocentry): handle "omit" case, and \global\pdfmakepagedesttrue. (\startcontents, \summarycontents): sectioning commands take an extra arg. (\dosub*secentry): take extra arg with section number; change callers. (\pdfcatalog): move this call to the opening PDF commands, for clarity. (\unnumbnoderef): no longer needed, collapsed into \donoderef.(\Yomitfromtoc): new xref constant. (\Ynumbered,\Yappendix): renamed from \Ysectionnumberedandtype and \Yappendixletterandtype, for clarity. * doc/texinfo.txi (cartouche): omit invalid @group. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): restore accesskey= on the s. From hanwen. 2003-09-15 Karl Berry * util/dir-example: add guile-tut. * info/session.c (info_follow_menus): take the first best_guess rather than the last. From: Rob Browning , 15 Sep 2003 01:26:17 -0500. 2003-09-13 Karl Berry * automake 1.7.7. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): start cartouche html output with

          . @cartouche can't be used meaningfully within a paragraph. Report from: Simon Josefsson , 11 Sep 2003 19:25:20 +0200. 2003-09-12 Karl Berry * makeinfo/tests/html-manuals: include -I../../doc for case when version-stnd.texi is in build tree. From: ezra peisach , 12 Sep 2003 13:53:32 -0400. 2003-09-11 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Cartouche): document that @cartouche needs to be outside the @example for HTML output to work. This is painful to fix in the current makeinfo. Report from: Simon Josefsson , 11 Sep 2003 15:21:44 +0200. 2003-09-10 Karl Berry * makeinfo/sectioning.c (section_alist): add entry for centerchap, so at least makeinfo does not bomb out. (No centering is actually done.) From: Denys Duchier , 10 Sep 2003 21:35:24 +0200. * lib/system.h: __CYGWIN__ in comments, too. 2003-09-09 Karl Berry * bootstrap: --include=m4. From Werner. 2003-09-08 Karl Berry * lib/system.h: make that __CYGWIN__, not __unix__. From Eli. * lib/system.h (DEFAULT_TMPDIR,PATH_SEP) [O_BINARY && !__unix__]: new case for cygwin, from: Thomas Klausner , 8 Sep 2003 13:43:29 +0200 (for cross-building netbsd). 2003-09-04 Karl Berry * texinfo.txi (Conventions): say more about quotations and dashes, based on a report to help-texinfo from David.Billinghurst@riotinto.com, 18 Jul 2003 16:07:00 +1000. * NEWS: mention @tex/@iftex are executed in a group. 2003-09-03 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Macro Details): mention some makeinfo limitations too, from recent bug reports by Patrice Dumas and (16 Jul 2003 17:21:56 +0200) Jesper Harder . * makeinfo/macro.c (define_macro): "end rmacro" is 10 chars long. 2003-08-29 Reiner Steib * makeinfo/lang.c (encoding_table): Downcase coding system names, since Emacs does not recognize the uppercase names. * makeinfo/lang.h: doc fixes. 2003-08-28 Karl Berry * bootstrap: new file (cvs only). * README.dev: mention it. Report from hanwen@cs.uu.nl, sample script from Akim Demaille . * aclocal.m4: remove from cvs repository. 2003-08-26 Karl Berry * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): add tags. This will produce a navigation bar in Mozilla 1.4 (and perhaps earlier). Original code from Han-Wen Nienhuys . 2003-08-23 Karl Berry * util/texi2dvi: Run tex --help in $tmpdir, to avoid leaving texput.log for old TeX versions. Report from Patrick Welche , patch from Akim. 2003-08-20 Karl Berry * makeinfo/defun.c (cm_defun): skip @ifset/@ifclear insertions when looking for the @defun going with this @defunx. Report from: Akim Demaille , 14 Aug 2003 12:10:37 +0200. * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_end): rewrite error message for clarity. 2003-08-13 Karl Berry * info/indices.c (info_index_apropos): correct typo, whoses -> whose. From: Jesper Harder , 13 Aug 2003 14:49:26 +0200. 2003-08-11 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex: excise spurious spaces, etc. 2003-08-09 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi: don't use @ifinfo/@heading construct to replace @section any more, the XML output is wrong. * doc/texinfo.tex (\pdfmakeoutlines): doc fixes, and use \def once instead of \let twice. * doc/texinfo.txi: rewrite @ifinfo text sections to take better account of HTML. Suggestion from: Dumas Patrice , 8 Aug 2003 17:19:22 +0200. 2003-08-07 Derek Price * makeinfo/insertion.c (cm_direntry): Skip @direntry in --no-headers mode. 2003-08-05 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (Beginning a File, title, titlefont): more clarifications. Suggestions from Patrice. * doc/texinfo.txi (emph & strong): inconsistent source & example. From Jesper Harder. 2003-08-04 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.txi (titlefont): discuss html output a bit. Suggestion from Patrice. 2003-07-31 Karl Berry * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignorecount): no need to initialize. (\doignoreyyy): doc fix. From Stepan. 2003-07-29 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignorecount): No need to initialize the count while reading texinfo.tex. (\doignoreyyy): Tiny comment change. 2003-07-28 Karl Berry * makeinfo/html.c (process_css_file): @c (for @charset) should also put us into import_state. * doc/texinfo.txi (Conditional Nesting): new section; also change other conditional sections slightly. * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignoretext, \doignoretextyyy): Only look for conditionals at the beginning of a line, to avoid problems with a commented conditional. Fix from: Stepan Kasal , 28 Jul 2003 02:50:41 +0200. 2003-07-27 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\doignore): Rewritten to handle nesting. (\ignoremorecommands, \obstexwarn, \ifwarnedobs): No longer needed. (\nestedignore): No longer needed. (\readauxfile): Remove reference to \warnedobstrue. 2003-07-27 Karl Berry * util/dir-example: lowercase automake. 2003-07-26 Karl Berry * makeinfo/html.c (process_css_file): in null_state, only consider @i to be the start of an @import, since @media can get misparsed. Report from: Dumas Patrice , 22 Jul 2003 12:13:29 +0200. 2003-07-25 * doc/texinfo.txi (Raise/lower sections): mention difficulties with node pointer creation and top nodes. Report from: Dumas Patrice , 22 Jul 2003 13:08:24 +0200. 2003-07-24 * makeinfo/sectioning.c (what_section): take additional SECNAME argument; change callers. * makeinfo/sectioning.h (what_section): remove redundant decl. * makeinfo/node.c (cm_node): change what_section call here, too. Report from: Dumas Patrice , 22 Jul 2003 13:09:19 +0200. * doc/texinfo.tex (\doheading,\dosubheading,\dosubsubheading): rationalize names. (\heading,\subheading,\subsubheading): change calls. (yesterday's patch called the undefined \subsecheadingyyy, etc.) 2003-07-23 Stepan Kasal * doc/texinfo.tex (\heading, \subheading, \subsubheading): Call \suppressfirstparagraphindent after setting the heading. (\headingyyy, \subheadingyyy, \subsubheadingyyy): New macros. (\chapheadingzzz): Call \suppressfirstparagraphindent at the end and move \chapbreak ... (\chapheading): ... here. (\majorheading): Do a modified \chapbreak, then call \chapheadingzzz. (\majorheadingzzz): Deleted. 2003-07-16 * doc/texinfo.txi (makeinfo Pointer Creation): must pxref Menus, since Menu Location is not a valid xref point for TeX, because of the special @heading stuff. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): lack of */ caused display: and smalldisplay: cases to be ignored. * lib/system.h (LC_MESSAGES) [!defined (HAVE_LC_MESSAGES) && !defined (LC_MESSAGES)]: change conditional. Report from Christian Krackowizer , 16 Jul 2003 14:40:30 +0200. 2003-07-14 * util/install-info.c (ensure_dirfile_exists): replace literal ^_ with \x1f. Report from Trond Endrestĝl , 14 Jul 2003 13:31:29 +0200. * makeinfo/sectioning.c (sectioning_html): forgot to change closing to match opening (that is, maximum h3). Report from: Jesper Harder , 14 Jul 2003 15:04:04 +0200. 2003-07-03 * doc/info.texi: copy from Emacs (with revisions by Luc). 2003-07-02 Akim Demaille * util/texi2dvi: Add thumbpdf support. Use FD 6 instead of /dev/null so that when --debugging, the output from auxiliary tools can be observed. 2003-07-02 * doc/texinfo.txi (kbd): document actual makeinfo behavior. 2003-07-01 * doc/texinfo.txi (Menus): require that menus come at the end of the node, since Info readers can't determine the end of a menu. Report from: Luc Teirlinck , 29 Jun 2003 21:33:19 -0500. * makeinfo/insertion.c (begin_insertion): do not increment in_fixed_width_font for @display or @format; this incorrectly caused quotes to be omitted in @kbd output in those environments. Report from: Luc Teirlinck , 26 Jun 2003 21:59:48 -0500. 2003-06-24 * doc/texinfo.txi (tex): misplaced period. From: Jesper Harder . (GNU Sample Texts): don't end the $Id index entries with a :. Report from: Luc Teirlinck . 2003-06-20 * makeinfo/defun.c (process_defun_args): only insert the HTML start/end tags if we're actually generating html. Report from: Shawn Betts , 12 Jun 2003 16:48:50 -0700. * TODO: support translated manuals, from polak@gnu.org. * doc/texinfo.txi: Edit Options node no longer exists in the Emacs manual. From: Luc Teirlinck . 2003-06-18 * config.{guess,sub}, install-sh, lib/xalloc.h: update from gnulib. 2003-06-10 * version 4.6. Copyright (C) 2003, 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright notice and this notice are preserved. Local Variables: mode: indented-text left-margin: 8 fill-column: 76 version-control: never End: