This archive attempts to be a complete collection of Propaganda's desktop wallpaper tiles and images. These images were originally hosted on back in 1998/2000 before it was eventually taken down. For a summary of what was happening with the website during its heyday, please read this FILE.

Bowie Poag (aka JFK or "Jack") started the Propaganda website with the goal of making Linux more attractive for computer users. His original work, created with the GIMP image processing program, included Volumes 1 through 14 and "Propaganda for E". Bowie turned-over the helm of Propaganda to Naru Sundar in October of 1999, as recorded in this IRC CHAT LOG. Naru released two of his own volumes before Bowie shut down the website, citing frustration with the site's PROGRESS & MAINTENANCE, and conflicts with VA LINUX. After the shutdown, Bowie removed Naru's independent additions from the consolidated, distributed tarball archives. These two missing volumes, 15 and 16, are included here for completeness. The user can decide whether Naru's artistic vision was in-line with the goals of Propaganda.

Image volumes include:

Volume: Propaganda for E
Volume 1: Frozen Eagle Project
Volume 2: The Menudo Conspiracy
Volume 3: No Sympathy for Redmond
Volume 4: One Nation - One Desktop
Volume 5: Follow the Leader
Volume 6: Silence Means Security
Volume 7: Operation Magic Bus
Volume 8: 10,000,000 Penguins
Volume 9: Turn on Your Funk Motor
Volume 10: 1999 Redmond Invasion Tour
Volume 11: The Road to Victory
Volume 12: No Sympathy for Redmond 2
Volume 13: Mickeysoft Appreciation Day
Volume 14: Rebirth
Volume 15: Forgery Researched by Naru Sundar
Volume 16: Millenium Unfolding by Naru Sundar
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