The Advanced User Levels

Table of Contents
The Intermediate Userlevel
The Expert Userlevel


The Intermediate Userlevel

Gtex-Letter comes with three userlevels. Out of box, it starts with the novice guilevel (Graphical User Interface Level). The novice is very strict in bringing only little information on the screen. This means more pages are necessary to make up a letter. Once you get used to how it works (a few runs should do). You can upgrade to the intermediate guilevel. You can give it a try by using the option 'guilevel' at startup:

gtex-letter --guilevel intermediate

The difference is not that big. There are just more fields on one page. You will certainly get used to it. A subtle difference consists for the standard openings and closings. In the novice userlevel you select them via a drop down list. In the intermediate and expert level a list of buttons is presented to you:

Figure 7. Standard Openings with Buttons

Simply click the buttons and the text is copied to the textfield next to them.


The Expert Userlevel

The expert user level presents you the whole letter generation process on one big page. Call this gui (Graphical User Interface) with:

gtex-letter --guilevel expert

Fill in the fields you know from the less advanced guilevels and click on the 'next'-button to get to the makeup-page.